Welcome to CENTRUM PUCP Business School. During the last 20 years, the most prestigious business men and women in the country have passed through our classrooms. Learn about our extensive experience and our successful career training leading professionals like you. Today is your turn. Be part of our history!

"Our educational proposal is based on an innovative and transformational model, forming leaders who think and act strategically and globally, with solid managerial capacities, and able to provide value to the organizations, from a perspective of innovation, corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Our commitment as CENTRUM PUCP is to develop global leaders, with solid values, and able to help solve the main challenges of society."

Percy Marquina Feldman

Director General

Since the year 2000, we offer the best training in business, based upon the pursuit of professional excellence and personal ethics that differentiate our students and graduates. Today we provide you with the most comprehensive business education in Lima; eight cities in Peru; and Latin America.


  • Processes Certified and accredited by the world’s most respected academic management entities.
  • MBA, doctoral and management programs designed to meet your needs.
  • Faculty of recognized academic background and professional experience.
  • An comfortable, modern environment, with the best bibliographical and technological resources.
  • Office placement, job fairs and personalized advice on employability.
  • Free access online courses (MOOC) with high quality and high standards.

We are the only business school in Peru to be granted with the Triple Crown, which guarantees the highest standards of educational quality in the world.