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Why Peru?

Peru can be defined in one word: diversity. You can appreciate its diversity in every corner, in its flavors, rhythms, dances, colors, and the innate creativity of its people. Only an hour’s flight from Lima, you can discover the variety of landscapes in the highlands, the Amazon jungle or the Pacific coast. Once there, you will realize that the best tour guides are the local people.

Advantages of studying in Peru

You can live in Lima, the capital, or in other regions and taste one of the most famous cuisines in the world.

  • You will practice and improve your Spanish skills.
  • You will directly experience the Latin American culture.
  • You will be able to travel and get to know the wonders of Peru and South America.

Accommodation: US$300-500
Meals: US$300
Public transport: US$ 120
Total estimated Cost: $720-1,000

Every experience has a hidden richness, find it!

You can enjoy Peru’s most amazing places such as Machu Picchu, the Nazca Lines, Lake Titicaca, Huaraz, the Amazon jungle or the Andean Mountains just a few hours from Lima.

Have you ever wanted to take your emotions to the edge?

You can find the ideal setting for this in the coastal desert, the Andean mountains or the Amazon jungle in Peru. The choice is yours!

Peruvian Cuisine

New flavors will explode in your mouth as you eat Peruvian food. You will be able to live one of the most acclaimed culinary experiences in the world.


Listen to our international exchange students during their stay in Peru. In this video you will hear the testimonials from Fernando Dalgo Ballesteros from Ecuador, Benjamin Thrower from the United States, Mathilde Leroy and Elena Allegre from France, Angela María de Valdenebro from Colombia and Eleana Pouey from Venezuela.