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Dr. Santiago Carpio


Universidad Autónoma De Barcelona


Professor Carpio holds a Doctorate Degree in Audiovisual Communication and Advertising from Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain. He also holds an undergraduate degree in Communication Science from Universidad de Lima.



Dr. Carpio has been as a consultant in for several strategic and corporate communication projects (Electro Oriente, Graña y Montero, ADEX, CONCORTV, Obispado del Callao, among others).

He has been an advisor to the General Office of Social Communication (OGCS) of President of the Council of Ministers (PCM) and at the Ministry of Health (MINSA), where he dealt with conjunction matters, public strategic communication, prevention campaigns, social marketing and communication issues. He has also been an advisor to UNICEF, ILO and UAB.

He has been General Director of Communications of the Ministry of Education, Director and Producer of the AWEITA Project of the La República Group, President of the Advisory Committee of Radio and Television of Peru (CONCORTV), President of the Ethics Committee of the National Society of Radio and Television (SNRTV), and Communications Manager at DEVIDA. He has directed, produced and advised several communication projects, television programs, radio and documentaries in the fields of public health, the fight against drugs, the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises, public education, and social problems.

Dr. Carpio has been the creator, director, and professor in the communication programs in different universities and institutes in Peru and Spain. (UAB, UPC, Universidad de Lima, ESAN, Toulouse Lautrec, IPP, Avansys).



Professor Carpio is author of the following books:

  • Carpio, S. (2015). Arte y gestión de la producción audiovisual. Bogota: Ediciones de la U.
  • Carpio, S. (2012). Arte y gestión de la producción audiovisual. Lima: Editorial UPC.
  • Carpio, S. (1997). Producción audiovisual. Lima: Editorial Universidad de Lima.



He currently is a Consultant in Strategic Communication, Socio-emotional Skills and Storytelling, Director of the Toulouse Lautrec Higher Institute, and Professor at CENTRUM PUCP Business School, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru, Universidad Continental and Universidad del Pacífico.