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PhD. Gregory Scott

Professor / Researcher

University of Wisconsin-Madison


Professor Scott is Ph. D. in Agricultural Economics with specialization in International Agriculture, and studies in Industrial Organization and Marketing, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA M.A. in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, University of Oxford, England. B.A. in History and Philosophy of Science. University of Notre Dame, USA. UU.


Regarding his professional experience, he is a research associate at the Graduate School of Business Administration, Stanford University, California, USA, 2001-2002; Visiting Researcher, Research Unit Overviews, FAO, Rome, 1999; Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC-Berkeley and the Center for Latin American Studies at Stanford University, California, USA, 1996-1997. visiting professor, International Development Program, UC-Davis, 2001; McDonald Campus, McGill University (Montreal, Canada); Department of Agricultural Economics, Texas A & M University; Latin American Studies Program, University of Vanderbilt; School of Agriculture, U. State of Louisiana, 1996-1997, among other universities.


In connection with his intellectual production, he is the author of articles

  • “Adding value to the value chain” (RAE Administração Business Magazine, 2014).
  • “Open innovation in an emerging economy” (Management Research Review, 2013),
  • “Performance satisfaction, shareholder and stakeholder orientations: managers’ perceptions in three countries across continents” (South African Journal of Economics and Management, 2013),
  • “Culture and innovation in an emerging economy: The case of Peru” (Journal of Global Initiatives, 2012),
  • “Entrepreneurship and open innovation in an emerging economy” (Management Decision, 2012),
  • “Supermarkets and changes in the production chain for the potato in Peru” (Revista Latinoamericana de la Papa, 2014),
  • “Benchmarking food crop markets in Sub-Saharan Africa: The growing importance of potatoes and potato products in Southern Africa 1961-2010” (American Journal of Potato Research, 2013),
  • “Booms, busts, and emerging markets for potatoes in East and Central Africa 1961-2010” (Potato Research, 2013),
  • “Actual costs, exchange rates and competitiveness: The case of potato processors in Lima” (Custos e @ gronegócio, 2013);
  • “From Mao to McDonald´s: Emerging markets for potatoes and potato products in China 1961-2007” (American Journal of Potato Research, 2012),
  • “Limits to growth or growth to the limits? Trends and projections for potatoes in China and their implications for industry” (Potato Research, 2012),
  • “The rise of Asia as the center of global potato production and some implications for industry” (Potato Journal, 2012),
  • “Benchmarking the competitiveness of informal food processors: The case of French fries in Lima, Peru” (Potato Research, 2011),
  • “Growth rates for potatoes in Latin America in comparative perspective: 1961-2007” (American Journal of Potato Research, 2011),
  • “Growth rates for potato in India and their implications for industry” (Potato Journal, 2011),
  • “Plants, people, and the conservation of biodiversity of potatoes in Peru” (Natureza & Conservação, 2011),
  • “Cross Trends: Consumption and use of potatoes in Latin America 1961-2007 and its implications for the industry.” (Latin American Journal of Potato), among others also published articles in journals such as Agricultural News and Strategia concerning management and business of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru.

In addition, Professor Scott is the author of the chapter: “Culture and innovation in Peru from a managerial perspective” on “Modern Peru” (Cross-Culture Publishing, 2014); editor of the book, “Prices, products, and people: Analyzing agricultural markets in developing countries (Lynne Reinner, 1995), and” Agricultural Marketing:

Research methodologies “(International Potato Center (CIP) / Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), 1990); and author of “Markets, myths and intermediaries. A study of potato marketing in the central zone of Peru “(Research Center of the University of the Pacific (CIUP, 1985), among other publications.


He is currently Research Professor of the Center for Industrial Studies and Research Market CENTRUM, which is designed to develop research projects and special studies in the field of economy and markets. It also provides relevant and timely information for making business decisions, with the experience, infrastructure and necessary human capital, allowing optimal tuning between the academic and business; He is also Professor of Academic Area Axiología in CENTRUM Catolica Graduate Business School.


  • Recognition Intellectual Production 2014
  • 2014 Distinguished Investigator
  • Recognition Intellectual Production Award 2012
  • Intellectual Production Award 2013
  • Excellence Award to professors Full Time 2011
  • Intellectual Production Award 2011