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PhD. Gregory Scott

Professor / Researcher

University of Wisconsin-Madison


Professor Scott holds a PhD in Agricultural Economics with specialization in International Agriculture and studies in Industrial Organization and Marketing from University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, a Master’s Degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from University of Oxford, England and B.A. in History and Philosophy of Science from University of Notre Dame, USA.



Regarding his professional experience, he is a research associate at the Graduate School of Business Administration, Stanford University, California, USA, 2001-2002; Visiting Researcher, Research Unit Overviews, FAO, Rome, 1999; Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC-Berkeley and the Center for Latin American Studies at Stanford University, California, USA, 1996-1997. Visiting professor, International Development Program, UC-Davis, 2001; McDonald Campus, McGill University (Montreal, Canada); Department of Agricultural Economics, Texas A & M University; Latin American Studies Program, University of Vanderbilt; School of Agriculture, U. State of Louisiana, 1996-1997, among other universities.



  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Social Responsability
  • Food Science and Technology
  • Emerging Economy
  • Agricultural Economics
  • Agricultural Science



In connection with his intellectual production, he is the author of articles:

  • Scott, G., Petsakos, A., & Petsakos, V. (2019). Not by bread alone: Estimating potato demand in India in 2030. Potato Research, 1-24.
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He has been the author of the following book chapters:

  • Scott, G. (2016). La responsabilidad social y el desarrollo de cadenas de valor en América Latina. In Marquina, P. (Ed.), Empresas responsables y competitivas. El desafío de hoy(pp. 387-407). Lima: Pearson.
  • Scott, G. (2014). Cultura e innovación en Perú desde una perspectiva gerencial. Perú moderno(vol. 19, pp. 137-143). Frankfurt: Cross-Culture Publishing.
  • Scott, G., Brabet, C., Reynoso, D., Dufur, D., Mestres, C., & Arredondo, J. (1999). Starch content and properties of 106 sweetpotato clones from the world germplasm collection held at CIP, Peru. Impact on a changing world. Program report 1997-1998(pp. 279-286). CIP, IICA.
  • Scott, G. (1998). Méthodes d’évaluation du marché potentiel des produits transformés. In G. Scott and D. Griffon. In G. Scott, D. Griffon (Ed.), Prix, produits, et acteurs. Méthodes pour analyser la commercialisation agricole dans les pays en développement(pp. 227-254). Paris: Karthala.
  • Scott, G. (1997). Poscosecha y mercadeo en el contexto de mercados locales y regionales. 11 Documento de trabajo – Desarrollo rural y mercado(pp. 9-24). Lima: Escuela para el Desarrollo.



He currently is a Professor and Researcher at CENTRUM PUCP Business School.



  • Award for intellectual contribution, CENTRUM PUCP Business School, 2017.
  • Award for intellectual contribution, CENTRUM PUCP Business School, 2016.
  • Award for intellectual contribution, CENTRUM PUCP Business School, 2014.
  • Distinguished researcher 2011-2014, CENTRUM PUCP Business School.
  • Award for intellectual contribution, CENTRUM PUCP Business School, 2013.
  • Award for intellectual contribution, CENTRUM PUCP Business School, 2012.
  • Award for intellectual contribution, CENTRUM PUCP Business School, 2011.
  • Award for full time faculty academic excellence in Master’s Programs 2011, CENTRUM PUCP Business School.