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  • Do doctoral students have an academic tutor?

    Yes, you will have an expert advisor from CENTRUM PUCP to guide and orient your doctoral work.

Doctoral thesis

  • Is the thesis mandatory in order to graduate?

    Yes. The development of research is the central aspect of the doctoral program. You are admitted to the program with a research topic of interest. Throughout the four years of academic work; you will transform this idea in an academic dissertation. This work is done through non-instructional modules. In each one, you must achieve specific objectives in terms of developing your thesis.

  • What issues are investigated in the doctoral program?

    CENTRUM PUCP develops basic and applied research activities in the doctoral program. The main lines of research are:

    • Strategy and Leadership
    • Economics and Finance
    • Marketing
    • Operations, Logistics and Technology

Working groups

  • Are there working groups in the doctoral program?

    No, the research is individual.

Foreign language certification

  • How do I get certified in a foreign language?

    To obtain the doctoral degree, as established by the University Act, you must provide proof of knowledge of two languages in addition to your mother tongue. To do this, you must present a certificate of knowledge of these languages (English, French, Italian, German or Portuguese, if your native language is Spanish) to the Office of the Academic Director, as established in Appendix A of the Student Regulation Guidelines.

  • If I am not certified in foreign languages on the scheduled date, can I process the academic degree?

    In this case, you may not process the corresponding degree.

Make-up exams

  • Are there make-up exams or additional assignments outside those established in the course syllabus?

    We do not consider make-up exams or additional assignments outside those established in the course syllabus.

Justification of absence

  • In case of not being able to attend classes, how do I justify my absence?

    It is stated in the Policy Guide following program:

    1. Programming courses the instructional modules included in the curriculum of the Doctoral Program is shared with the candidates PhD at the same time that they come into contact with the Directorate of Sales and Marketing at CENTRUM PUCP, before the beginning of the respective program. During the opening ceremony of the Doctoral Program was officially given to each student that programming.
    2. Students must make all prevision of time properly, recording the dates attend take classes in subjects included in the curriculum, making all the necessary arrangements with their employers, with anticipation, to discharge their responsibilities during those dates.
    3. Therefore no excuses of any kind will be accepted for failure to attend the courses of the instructional modules except major health reasons and duly verified. In the this case, CCGBS not agree that such a course that the student can take to complete the curriculum is taught.
    4. In the case where a doctoral student does not curse or part of a course of instructional modules for any reason, automatically their final grade in that course will be zero (0).
    5. Failure to attend a course involve the removal from the Doctoral Program, unless the foul was justified with anticipation and Doctoral Committee has considered that the lack justification is appropriate. Only faults are accepted for reasons of greater health and duly verified. Faults are not accepted for work or personal reasons.
    6. Assisting academic courses should be to all of the classes given. Assists to the second or third day of classes will not be accepted, because the rules do not allow entry to late to their class sessions.
  • Can I pass a course without having attended or attending only some classes?

    To pass a course, you must have attended no less than 67% of the scheduled sessions. You cannot pass a course with more than 33% of absences from scheduled classes for any reason. The failing grade, if you have exceeded the limit of absences, will be 05.00. If you attend no session of a course, you will receive the grade of 00.00.

Study trips

  • What are the considerations of the study trip? Is it mandatory?

    The LATAM doctoral program does not envisage a study trip.

Job Bank - CENTRUM Placement Office

  • Does CENTRUM PUCP have a job bank?

    CENTRUM PUCP, in the Office of CENTRUM Alliances, disseminates the best job offers from the national and international market. In addition, it is the main link between CENTRUM PUCP students and alumni and the most prestigious and recognized companies operating in our country.

  • What are the features of this service?

    The job requirements we receive from companies go through a selection process before being brought to the attention of our students and alumni. We currently have over 450 companies and institutions using our job bank.

    Through the CENTRUM Placements Office, students and alumni can access job offers, find information about job fairs and be part of the events we organize in Lima and provinces.

    The job offers are sent to PUCP emails. Students of the following programs that enjoy these benefits at national and international level are:

    • Doctoral
    • MBA
    • Master’s
    • PBA

    If you do not have your PUCP email enabled, contact CENTRUM Technical Support at the following address:

Withdrawal from the program

  • Is it possible to withdraw from the program that I am in?

    Yes it can be done, through a voluntary withdrawal.

  • What is the voluntary withdrawal?

    The voluntary withdrawal occurs when, for reasons of force majeure, you must withdraw from the program. For this, you will present a letter to the CENTRUM PUCP Office of the Academic Director, attaching documents certifying the occurrence. In the letter, you should indicate your full name, your program, the reason for your request for final withdrawal and your signature. We recommend reading: (a) the Regulations Guide and (b) the Regulation of Economic Aspects for students in CENTRUM PUCP.

  • Is it possible to be withdrawn, unwillingly, from the program I am in?

    Yes, this happens if you have accumulated a second course failure or for having committed serious offenses.

  • If I have been withdrawn from CENTRUM PUCP for academic, administrative or disciplinary reasons, may I apply for the same program?

    No; not in the same or any other program.

  • If I want to apply to CENTRUM PUCP after having withdrawn voluntarily, what should I do?

    You must reapply.

  • Where I can find information on economic aspects of my program, how I will be paid if I withdraw from or if I want to make a program change?

    For these cases, the provisions of Regulation of Economic Aspects are necessary.

  • If I withdraw or I am removed from the program, I can request a transcript?

    Yes, you can make this request with the area responsible (DARSA).


  • Does CENTRUM PUCP give me an email?

    Yes, you will receive a PUCP e-mail address.

  • How do I use the email that CENTRUM PUCP gives me?

    All communications between CENTRUM PUCP and students will be made through the email address. It is your responsibility to verify the communications.

  • If I want to update the email, how should I do it?

    We suggest you check the Online Manual, where you will find the information needed to edit the personal data in the Virtual Campus. We also recommend this page. If you have other questions or are unable to access, contact Di-Consulta (using screen shots) through the email account:

    Note: Only the first two e-mails that appear on your CV are used to send communication from the PUCP Virtual Campus.


  • What are the requirements for graduation?

    To graduate from the LATAM doctoral program, you need to successfully complete all the courses that shape, support and approve the final research, deliver the bound version of the dissertation, be certified in the second language required by law and have no outstanding administrative and financial issues with the school. No student may graduate if these requirements have not met.

Failed courses

  • If I fail a course, is it possible to take it again?

    You cannot take a failed course again.

  • What happens if I fail two courses?

    If you accumulate a second failed course, you will be removed for academic reasons, a decision that will be sent to the Academic Council. Exceptional situations will be analyzed by the Academic Council, whose decision is irrevocable and does not exempt the student from fulfilling his/her pending administrative obligations.