Sharing Information on Progress 2014-2015


Juan Arroyo, Dr.Aníbal Velásquez, Dr. Sebastián Céspedes, Dr. Miguel Malo, Dr. Julio Pedroza, Alexandro Saco y Dr. Víctor Zamora

During 2014 and 2015, CENTRUM Católica completed the inclusion of the UN PRME in all of its curricula in the MBA and DBA programmes, research, outreach and advocacy programmes. It also revised its Strategic Plan covering the period 2014-2024, including revisions of its Mission, Vision, and Code of Ethics, and aligning its strategic objectives and strategies with the UN PRME.

CENTRUM Católica deepened its work with business partners though different arrangements, including the Corporate Advisory Board, International Advisory Board, MBA students, many of whom come from the private sector where they work as middle or top managers and through specific collaborations with business associations, corporations, and such. Hundreds of products were delivered: company strategic plans, MBA theses, research papers, advocacy papers, media publications, etc.

The CENTRUM Católica brand became one of the most powerful in Peru, competing with the largest transnational and national corporation in this coveted commercial area.