Nuestros Profesores


PhD. Mukole Kongolo 

Profesor / Investigador

Potchefstroom University


El profesor Kongolo es Ph.D. in Economics, Potchefstroom University, South Africa. M.Sc. in Rural Economics, Federal University of Vicosa, Brazil. B.Sc. in Economics, University of Zaire.



En relación con su experiencia professional, ha sido Profesor en la University of Western Cape, University of Kwazulu-Natal School of Economics, University of the North, Tivumbeni College of Education. Ha sido crítico de los artículos publicados en the African Journal of Agricultural Research. Ha sido Director de Capacity Development en Human Science Research Council.



En relación con su producción intelectual, ha escrito los artículos:

  • “Resource Use Efficiency in Organic Vegetable Production: A Case Study of Manzini Region” (Journal of Agricultural Studies, 2014);
  • “Impact of Total Quality Management (TQM) on service delivery in Swaziland” (International Journal of Operations and Logistics Management, 2014);
  • “Pass rates in introductory economics versus class size: lesson from University of Swaziland” (Research in Higher Education Journal, 2013);
  • “Small-scale livestock farming in developing areas of Swaziland and South Africa” (International Journal of Science and Technology, 2012);
  • “Contribution of rural schools to socioeconomic development in Swaziland’s rural Areas” (International Journal of Arts and Humanities, 2012);
  • “An analysis of the Tripartite Free Trade Area between COMESA, SADC” (African Research Review, 2012);
  • “Enrolment Management: The Perspectives of the University of the Western Cape” (African Journal of Business Management, 2012);
  • “Empirical Assessment of Women’s Access to Land and Credit in North West Province” (African Journal of Agricultural Research, 2012);
  • “Institutional type preferences of South African higher education students” (Research in Higher Education Journal, 2011);
  • “Impact of the University of Swaziland on national economic development efforts” (Research in Higher Education Journal, 2011);
  • “Empirical assessment of agricultural development in Mazini Region” (African Research Review, 2011);
  • “Water resources management for agricultural growth in drylands in developing countries” (African Journal of Business Management, 2011);
  • “The Impact and Effectiveness of the Child Support Grant in Gugulethu” (Eastern Africa Social Science Research Review, 2011);
  • “Job creation vs Job shedding and the role of SMEs in economic development” (African Journal of Business Management, 2010);
  • “A survey of job loss in selected community-Johannesburg” (African Research Review, 2009);
  • “Factors limiting African Women’s involvement in development: A lesson from Ithuseng” (African Research Review, 2009);
  • “Women in Poverty: Experience from Limpopo, South Africa” (African Research Review, 2009);
  • “Women and Informal Credit: Lesson from Moretele, South Africa” (Journal of International Women’s Studies, 2007);
  • “Poverty in Democratic Republic of Congo” (Development Bulletin, 2007);
  • “South African experience of gender and affirmative action: A Report. Gender” (Technology and Development, 2006); “Wellbeing through forests: A case of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)” (Development Bulleting, 2004); entre otros.



Actualmente Profesor Afiliado en CENTRUM PUCP Business School.