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PhD. Fred Phillips

Profesor / Investigador

University of Texas


El profesor Phillips es Ph.D. in Business Administration and Mathematics, University of Texas, Austin, EE.UU. B.A. in Mathematics, University of Texas, Austin, EE.UU.



En relación con su experiencia profesional, ha sido Profesor de Administración y Jefe del Departamento de Administración del Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology; Director de Investigación de la University of Texas at Austin. Ha sido también Decano Asociado y Profesor en Maastricht School of Management, Vicerrector de Investigación y Profesor de Gestión en la Universidad Internacional Alliant en San Diego.



En relación con su producción intelectual, es autor y co – autor de artículos publicados en revistas arbitradas y de categoría ISI, entre los cuales podemos mencionar: “Entrepreneurship in East Asian Regional Innovation Systems: Role of social capital” (Technological Forecasting And Social Change, 2015); “The influence of technological regime in the LED industry: The innovative latecomer’s perspective” (In press) Innovation Management, Policy and Practice (Accepted: June 2014); “The state of technological and social change: Impressions” (Technological Forecasting & Social Change, 2011). Entre otros podemos mencionar: “Chaos, Strategy, and Action: How not to fiddle while Rome burns” (International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management, 2011); “Technological evolution and interdependence in China’s emerging biofuel industry” (2011); “Corporate vs. Social Attitudes toward Environmental Externalities” (Global Environmental Issues, 2010); “Social Capital, Social Engineering, and the Technopolis” (Technopolis Review, 2010); “Inter-institutional Relationships and Emergency Management” (International Journal of Society Systems Science, 2011); “Zen and Management Education” (Journal of Centrum Cathedra, 2009); “Advances in evolution and genetics: Implications for technology strategy” (Technol. Forecast, 2009); “The Godfathers: Characteristics and Roles of Central Individuals in the Transformation of Techno- Regions” (Journal of Centrum Cathedra, 2008); “Change in socio-technical systems: Researching the Multis, the Biggers, and the More Connecteds” (Technological Forecasting & Social Change, 2008); “On S-curves and Tipping Points” (Technological Forecasting & Social Change, 2006); “IFORS Operational Research Hall of Frame: Abraham Charnes” (International Transaction in Operational Research, 2006); “Toward an Intellectual and Theoretical Foundation for ‘Shared Prosperity’” (Systemic Practice and Action Research, 2005); “Technology and the Management Imagination” (Pragmatics & Cognition, 2005); “The Techno-Management Imagination” (Proceedings of the PICMET Conferences, 2005); “25 Years of Data Envelopment Analysis” (International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making, 2005); entre otros.



Actualmente es Profesor Afiliado en CENTRUM PUCP Business School.