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70% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is generated worldwide by service companies. Of that size is the opportunity; while most of the activities are dedicated to the development of products, guided by common sense in some cases, internal processes or training (if any), the resolution of conflicts caused by poor service. Remember, the customer is the one who evaluates the quality of the service, not the organization or department that offers it, which means that we are actually dealing with the perceptions of the service and this makes us enter into the person’s issues. This is what elevates the complexity of the problems. Within organizations, opportunities are everywhere. Those who offer an internal customer service may fail to observe their weaknesses due to their focus on the operation. Customers or users of the service are captive, they can hardly choose one or the other office that serves them. And the feedbacks (when there are any) are of little use when there is no central customer relationship strategy.

In agreement with the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (TEC de Monterrey), a private university located in Mexico, recognized as one of the best in Latin America, characterized by having an active presence in both business and technological innovation. The program provides a double certification by CENTRUM PUCP and TEC de Monterrey.





S/. 5,000    


  • Taller Internacional Diseñando Experiencias de Servicio con el Efecto WOW, provided by CENTRUM PUCP Business School.
  • Seminario Diseñando Experiencias de Servicio WOW, provided by TEC de Monterrey.


  • #78 worldwide Executive Education Open, Financial Times 2019.

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San Isidro – TEC Instalations


CENTRUM PUCP is member of UNICON. UNICON’s members are worldwide reference for Executive Education.


Karen Peña
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Beatriz Gagliardi
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Ivette Miranda
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1.- The Importance of Service Orientation in Revolution 4.0 Inside and Outside of the Company:

  • Customer Service from a Strategic Perspective and International Global Trends.
  • Service Experiences.
  • Tactical Responses of the Service.
  • Definition of Processes that Work for Internal Clients.
  • Factors to Create Success in Internal and External Customer Service.
  • Experience’s Building Tools.
  • How to better understand the generations and different clients that converge: Empathy Map.
  • Mapping processes: Customer Journey Map and Blue Print.
  • Internal Customer Experience Management (CEM).
  • The Figure of the Chief Customer Officer (CCO).
  • The Internal Customer Relationship Strategy.

2.- Metrics and Indicators to Strengthen Service Quality and Create Unique Experiences:

  • ICTs and Customer Service.
  • Social Listening and Sentiment Monitoring through Digital Networks.
  • Business Intelligence as a Strategy to Build Better Service Experiences and Propose New.
  • Information Monitoring as a Service Innovation Strategy
  • Surveys and Monitoring Tools, (NPS and Internal Service Tickets)
  • SPSS and Power BI as Tracking Tools and Visualization Dashboards.
  • Service Recovery After Failures.
  • Internal Anchors to Offer Excellent Effective Customer Service.
  • Companies with a High Service Leadership Approach.
  • Innovation in the Service using TIC’s

CENTRUM PUCP may make changes in the curriculum, sequence of courses or teachers, according to its policy of continuous improvement. If the required quorum is not fulfilled, CENTRUM PUCP reserves the right to postpone the beginnings of courses and programs.


The admission process to this program is open throughout the year. Your application is processed in approximately two weeks, as long as you comply with the documents requested by the Admission Office.

  • Two or more years of experience in executives positions related to Management, Marketing, Public Relations and Comunications.
  • Simple copy of the ID (both sides), or Immigration Card or Passport, in the case of foreign applicants.
  • Undocumented curriculum vitae and scanned photo (passport size, resolution not less than 300 dpi, with jacket suit and tie, white background).


  • The prices and conditions of the program are subject to variation.
  • The cost of the program includes: Issuance of the Certificate by CENTRUM and the Diploma by the TEC of Monterrey
  • The cost of the program does not include: Issuance of additional certificates, proof of grades, academic agenda, proof of participation, or any others.

Documents reception

Send your documents or request more information to:

Karen Peña
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Beatriz Gagliardi
(511) 626-7103

Ivette Miranda
(511) 626-7120

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Achieving studies CENTRUM PUCP Business School is a very important personal decision that involves evaluating, known and accepted, among others, academic, economic, administrative and disciplinary conditions to be met throughout their period of studies, the degree of commitment and dedication necessary to successfully complete this great professional project. That is why, it is necessary to know the content of the following standards as well as take into account its importance, before starting the admission process. With the start of the admissions process, you acknowledge and accept this standard, and that from that moment can not be alleged ignorance of it.


Clara Rosselló

Professor Rosselló is a Master of Business Administration in General and Strategic Management, Maastricht School of Management, The Netherlands. Master in Strategic Business Administration, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. B.A. in Graphic Arts, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. She has international certifications among which stand out: CPCL Harvard Business School, Boston, USA; International Master in Leadership EADA Business School, Barcelona, Spain; Executive Program Customer Experience IE Business School, Madrid, Spain; International Program for Board Members EADA Business School, Barcelona, Spain. To date she is a member of the “Steering Committee” of the EFMD Americas Conference 2019-2021.

She has been Corporate Image Manager of Unique-Yanbal International for Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico and USA; Marketing Manager of Unique-Peru. He is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of Comacsa, a leading non-metallic mining company in Peru, and a board member of Fundición Americana S.A. She is a specialist in Corporate Image, Marketing Management, Business Communication and Strategic Planning.