• Develop a network with first level businessmen and faculty.
  • Lead your organization to international success.

#1 in Executive Education in Peru, Financial Times 2016

The CENTRUM – IE Senior Management Program top management chiefs thar choose to dominate the dynamics of global business. This program is taught in conjunction with the IE Business School of Madrid, one of the most important business schools in the world.





WEEKLY From 23 to 31 May 2016
From 22 to 30 May 2017
From 9:00 to 19:15 for 7 days
21 May 2018
USD 6,000 (current exchange rate at the time of payment)


A week in Spain, to attend lectures at the IE Business School of Madrid campus.



# 73 in the world and # 1 in Peru in Executive Education Open, Financial Times 2016.

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  • The profile of the program include presidents, vice presidents, general managers, businessmen, directors and top managers.
  • High level directives with a world class academic trajectory, with over ten years of professional experience and at least five in first line management.


  • To build a space in which directors and high level management will share their experiences and knowledge in an interdisciplinary atmosphere that will allow the integral revision of their actual business strategies.
  • To develop a European vision of business in Latin American businessmen.


This program includes an intensive week in Madrid at the IE Business School Campus. Classes comprehend real cases and are led by professionals with extensive professional and academic excellence that come from the most prestigious universities in Europe, the United States and Latin America. The program holds a global view of business with an intercultural and international vision.


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IE Business School, Madrid facilities.





These are the advantages of following the Senior Management Program:

  • You will have the backing of CENTRUM Catolica, one of the TOP schools in Latin America, and the IE Business School, the best school in Europe.
  • You will receive a solid academic and practical formation that will allow you to perfect your knowledge in business administration with and international vision.
  • You will be led by professors of the highest academic level, approved global business experience and excellent personal qualifications.
  • You will have the opportunity to network in a community that gathers professionals of two top continents.
  • The most modern and complete curricular structure ensures the level of depth that is needed

During the intensive week in Madrid an intensive academic curricula is developed the same that will iterate in an international vision of business management. To pass this program you will need to meet the objectives and have attended at least 75% of the planned sessions.

CENTRUM Católica may make changes in the curricula, or sequence of courses or teachers, according to its policy of continuous improvement. Failure to comply with the required quorum Catholic CENTRUM reserves the right to postpone the start of courses and programs.


See the curricula:

  • MONDAY MAY 22, 2017

    • The Role of Senior Management and Stakeholder Management

      Professor: Pascual Montañés
      The main objective of the course is to identify the actual role of the stakeholder in the strategy and leadership of managers. Adaptation to the environment goes through knowing the changes with a vision of the future. Developing this vision and making it happen is the primary objective of this program. Likewise, the ability to accurately map stakeholders of a company is developed, as well as the identification of the values and major changes in their behavior and expectations.

    • Technological Vision for Senior Management

      Professor: Enrique Dans
      For the manager, having an overview of how technology can affect your personal, professional and corporate way of life is an absolute necessity, since it absolutely affects all of them. After these sessions, it is expected that the student will reach a deep understanding of the network and what it means today, that he understands the role of its latest tools (search engines, weblogs, forums, wikis, RSS) and this toolkit brings about a change in his way of relating to the network. It also looks for him to understand the implications of new technologies in the way that companies have to work and try to reach a final map that can be placed all the factors studied in a consistent manner.

  • TUESDAY MAY 23, 2017

    • Andean Leadership Lessons

      Professor: Piero Morosini
      We discover, from Professor Morosini, the "Imaginative Leadership" practiced by Medtronic, Reanult-Nissan, Inditex, Grupo AJE, and other global multinational leaders. Based on original research by Professor Morosini, "Imaginative Leadership" shows striking similarities with ancient Andean thought. We will explore these commonalities to articulate "Imaginative Leadership" as a paradigm capable of uniting the past and the present, and project it into the future of high-performance global organizations.

    • Management of High Performance Teams

      Professor: Jesús Izquierdo
      Globalization and the new economy present new challenges to organizations that are forced to innovate and adapt to a changing environment. Responding to these challenges, many organizations are replacing hierarchical structures for structures that are flatter and more horizontal in which the working groups are the main axis on which the organizational strategy turns. In this context, the success of management is closely linked to its ability to create, design and develop effective working groups. The nature of these working groups, being heterogeneous in most cases, forces people in human resources entrusted to be experts on the conduct of individuals and groups, that is, first at an individual level and then at a group level.

  • WEDNESDAY MAY 24, 2017

    • Doing Business in China

      Professor: Ramiro García
      In this course, important topics will be touched upon theoretically and practically, such as: The New China: Drastic change of scenario for 2020, implications for Western business, how to deal with the new Chinese competitors, growing industries in China (maquila, food industry , textiles, etc.) and negotiation techniques.

    • Doing Business in India

      "Professor: Shefali Varma
      In this course, important topics will be touched upon theoretically and practically, such as implications for business of India, how to face new Indian competitors, growing industries in India and negotiation techniques."

    • Corporate Governance Trends

      Professor: Tomás Garicano
      The key question that will arise is whether, given the current economic crisis, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was a fad or if it is a concept that will condition the way to manage all businesses in the future. It seeks to develop a framework of analysis to better understand cause - effect relationships and the dynamic forces that interact. The key objective is to provide the students with an aggregate model of all the influential forces, so that through the reflection of class discussions - that are based on their experiences and those of the students - a personal vision is reached that allows him to determine whether or not the overall trend - and that of his sector and company - is toward a "more sustainable world," and how fast this movement occurs.

  • THURSDAY MAY 25, 2017

    • Strategy and Leadership in the Context of Globalization

      Professor: Fernando D'Alessio
      Thinking strategically is to look at the long term of institutions, depending on the industrial sector where they operate, which demands a transformational leadership with strong moral and ethical principles so that the institutions can compete in this changing, multicultural and technologically connected world. The leadership-strategy pairing is crucial to the success of organizations, requiring them to project into the future with high probabilities of success. In "Strategy and Leadership in the Context of Globalization," the theories and models of leadership will be studied and how they have evolved over the last fifty years and how this leadership helps strategic management in the process of aligning the organization's internal capabilities with external demands of its surroundings to allocate required resources effectively. This is the basis for formulating and implementing strategies to achieve the objectives.

    • Scorecard for Senior Management

      Professor: Gonzalo Real
      Management Control is set as the basic system that permits senior management to guide the activities of the company towards achieving the previously established objectives with optimum utilization of resources. In this case, within the model of Balanced Scorecard (BSC), will work on the basis of four perspectives of results (financial, customer, processes and learning & growth), analyzing the basic concepts and methodologies for its implementation and its application in different types of businesses.

  • FRIDAY MAY 26 2017

    • Strategy to Compete Globally

      Professor: Néstor Miranda
      Through the discussion of actual cases and recent strategic management models, options for corporate growth will be studied and discussed through diversification and internationalization. The main objective is to analyze how to build a competitive advantage at the level of the business unit and the corporation as a whole.

  • MONDAY MAY 29 2017

    • Management of Business Start-ups

      Professor: Manuel Bermejo
      The business environment today demands leaders with their own entrepreneurial abilities. Even for managers who do not own the company, today the entrepreneurial leader must have a global vision of company, identify business opportunities and innovate to implement the necessary strategic refocusing to a more dynamic, changing and global competitive environment than ever. Under these assumptions, this course offers students the opportunity to deepen and analyze all the keys of the process to undertake, independently of what takes place in an existing company or developed from a new, independent initiative.

    • Operations

      Professor: Luis Solis
      Over the past decade, the importance of Supply Chain Management model has grown in the field of senior management of companies as a result of the increased need for differentiation in the most competitive environments in a growing number of industrial sectors. Companies like Zara, Dell, Walmart, Cisco, Procter & Gamble among others have made the SCM model a strategy of competitiveness and sustainability. Therefore, it is intended that managers improve their understanding of the SCM model and the implications for its role in the definition of policies, values, infrastructure and incentives so that the probability of success is high.

  • TUESDAY MAY 30, 2017

    • Marketing for Developing Countries

      Professor: Rolando Arellano
      This seminar aims to show the optimal use of the discipline of marketing to the specific conditions of the less wealthy countries. This will enable students to create new tools and adapt classic marketing tools to specific situations in these countries. For example, creating products for the needs of the majority, pricing based on haggling, the use of parallel distribution systems and resorting to alternative means of advertising, among various subjects of the comprehensive business strategy will be discussed.

About the IE

IE Business School is one of the most important schools in the world. Located in Madrid it offers high level programs for leaders and top executives of the world, in this manner it becomes a privileged observatory of business. It was considered in 2014 the third most important business school in Europe by the Financial Times and the First in Online MBA in 2015.

International travel

During a week you will attend intensive classes at the IE Business School in Madrid. Practical and theoretical principles are developed in the different manners to do business in the world, led by specialist professors from the European business schools.

International travel conditions

  • The cost of the program include conferences and academic speeches, tuition, study material, lunches and coffee breaks during the academic sessions.
  • It does not include the airfare or lodging during the week stay
  • Does not include visa fees or procedures, does not include Passport renovation or health insurance

Achieving studies CENTRUM Católica Graduate Business School is a very important personal decision that involves evaluating, known and accepted, among others, academic, economic, administrative and disciplinary conditions to be met throughout their period of studies, the degree of commitment and dedication necessary to successfully complete this great professional project. That is why, it is necessary to know the content of the following standards as well as take into account its importance, before starting the admission process. With the start of the admissions process, you acknowledge and accept this standard, and that from that moment can not be alleged ignorance of it.

Senior Management Program process of admission is open through the first trimester of the year.


  • Ten or more years of experience in directing managerial position.

Necessary documents


  • The cost of the program does not include  extra-ordinary academic rights.
  • Cost and conditions of the program are subject to variation.
  • The program covers partially the costs of traveling (see international travel tab).

Reception of documents

Send your documents or ask for more information with:

Ana María Sanguineti
Telephone: 626-7101

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