• Power your management performance in a digital environment
  • Know the main technological drivers
  • Generate networking with top executives and entrepreneurs

# 1 in Peru and # 71 in the world in the Executive Education Open, Financial Times 2017.

The technological change in these times becomes exponential and is deeply influencing a more demanding behavior of consumers, to which companies must respond with innovation and better customer service through the increasing use of digital technology, a tool that serves to produce disruptive changes or improvements, in the design of products, processes, marketing and the same organization.

The Senior Executive Program (SEP) of Digital Transformation, is a program of senior management that will allow to acquire new frames of reference, knowing the technological drivers like artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, Mobile, IoT, Social, Cloud, security, augmented / virtual / mixed reality, 3D Printers among other technologies and trends.

CENTRUM Católica may make changes in the mesh, sequence of courses or teachers, according to its policy of continuous improvement. Failure to comply with the quorum required CENTRUM Católica reserves the right to postpone the start of courses and programs.





Wednesday from 8:30 am to 1:00 p.m
12 Sep 2018
S/. 4,800    


# 71 in the world and # 1 in Peru in the Executive Education Open, Financial Times 2017.

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Aimed at senior executives and entrepreneurs who want to increase their skills by updating their knowledge and improving their managerial skills and attitudes.


Achieve a state-of-the-art knowledge update in the field of operations and supply chains, enabling the participant to be able to integrate them effectively into their business environment.


The topics will be developed in face-to-face modality and applying an interactive methodology that will foster an enriching dynamic between the presentations of the professor/ exhibitor and the contributions of the participants. The certificate will be awarded to those attending 80% of the seminars scheduled.


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Campus of CENTRUM Católica Graduate Business School

The participant who meets the academic and normative requirements of the program will receive the Certification as Senior Manager in Digital Transformation of CENTRUM Católica Graduate Business School.

The program will allow:

  • Broaden the global vision of good practices of digital transformation and apply it in decision making in a turbulent and constantly changing scenario.
  • Strengthen management performance, identifying and evaluating key factors at the domestic and global level, which present risk situations in decision making regarding the new digital environment.
  • Expose and discuss with peers situations faced by organizations and, together, propose alternative solutions.
  • Be part of a premier network of contacts at CENTRUM Católica Graduate Business School.

The program comprises ten (10) seminars on digital transformation. The programming is as follows:

The admission process for the Senior Executive Program is open.


  • Managers, General Managers or Directors who occupy these positions to date.
  • Minimum experience of 5 years, but not necessarily in such positions.

Documentos necesarios

  • Fill out the Registration Form
  • Simple copy of the National Identity Document – DNI (both sides), or Foreigner’s Card or Passport, in the case of foreign applicants.
  • Resume Vite not documented and scanned photo (passport size, resolution not less than 300 dpi, with bag and tie, white background). Download compulsory use model


  • The cost of the program does not include extraordinary academic fees.
  • Prices and conditions of the program are subject to variation.

Documents reception
Send your documents or ask for more information with:

Paola Zúñiga
Email: dzuniga@pucp.edu.pe
Phone: (511) 626-7110

Isadora Semizo
Email: isemizo@pucp.edu.pe
Phone: (511) 626-7107

Rossana Murga
Email: rmurga@pucp.edu.pe
Phone: (511) 626-7115 / 994-695-711

The pursuit of studies at CENTRUM Católica Graduate Business School is a very important personal decision that implies having evaluated, known and accepted, among others, the academic, economic, administrative and disciplinary conditions that must be fulfilled throughout its study period, as well as as the degree of commitment and dedication necessary to successfully complete this great professional project. That is why, it is necessary to know the content of the following REGULATION, as well as to take into account its great importance, before starting the admission process. With the beginning of the admission process, you declare to know and accept this REGULATION, being that from that moment no ignorance of it can be claimed.


José Acha

Master’s Degree in Strategic Business Administration from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, a Master’s degree in International Leadership from EADA, Spain, and a Master’s degree in Naval Maritime Science from the Naval War College. He also holds Master’s degrees in National Defense from the National Defense Academy, Argentina, and in International Relations (Political Economy) from Troy State University, United States.

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