This program takes as its starting point the model: “The Three Keys to Success”, which is based on the three essential elements of the business family to achieve: align vision, consensus and empower leadership, as well as govern and manage family culture.

In this context, this program is mainly practical and experiential, since the members of the business families will participate actively in theoretical classes, which will be complemented with practical cases, group dynamics and model sessions of family business council.


# 71 in the world and # 1 in Peru in the Executive Education Open, Financial Times 2017.

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Family businesses * (shareholders, directors and / or family executives or not) that invoice at least 15 million soles annually and preferably in second generation.

* Participation of at least 2 members of the family business is mandatory.


A certificate from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú will be awarded to the participants, as well as a certificate to the family business for starting their professionalization process


Applicants must complete an application for admission to assess their enrollment in the program. At the discretion of the board of admission may request a personal interview to finally decide the acceptance of the applicant.

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Participants at the end of the program will be in a position to identify more accurately the problems of their business family that could be affecting the normal development of their business.

Likewise, they will be able to understand the origin and nature of these problems, in order to find possible solutions and design their Plan to start the Professionalization process.

The graduate of this program is an entrepreneur and / or executive conscious of the level of professionalization of his family business. You will know the challenges of today’s leadership in the face of the complexity of new business environments, as well as the application of tools and techniques to implement effective solutions to their problems and successfully start a process of professionalization and adaptation to the new economy.

It will also understand the dynamics of government in order to successfully address the processes of reflection, debate, and decision-making at the managerial and functional levels, both in the family and business, taking into account the opportunities and challenges of the family business reality in new economic context.

It is a program focused on strengthening the members of the business family through a human and organizational approach, which seeks to enhance individual talent, as well as increase its performance as a management and executive team, all based on the design and implementation of a a system of government and management in line with the new economy and the reality of its family business, where each one of its members fulfills a role of generating value.

In this sense, this program is unique in the country, based on a new and innovative model: “The Three Keys to Success”, applied to more than 70 family businesses and used by the IDB in one of its bilateral support programs , it is possible to determine the degree of professionalization in which the entrepreneurial family is located, in order to design, together with the participants of this program, a Plan to start the Professionalization Process, tailored to each family business.

Finally, the business coaching methodology that will be used in this program will allow participants to reflect and interact with each other in a dynamic way, sharing experiences, knowledge, realities, problems and / or solutions that will enrich their training process and the design of their plans of professionalization.

The program is composed of 4 areas of study: The new economy, model “three keys to success”, Government System and Management of the business family, leadership and high performance teams and plan to start the professionalization process.

The pursuit of studies at CENTRUM Católica Graduate Business School is a very important personal decision that implies having evaluated, known and accepted, among others, the academic, economic, administrative and disciplinary conditions that must be fulfilled throughout its study period, as well as as the degree of commitment and dedication necessary to successfully complete this great professional project. That is why, it is necessary to know the content of the following REGULATION, as well as to take into account its great importance, before starting the admission process. With the beginning of the admission process, you declare to know and accept this REGULATION, being that from that moment no ignorance of it can be claimed.


Juan O’Brien

Estudios doctorales en Administración Estratégica de Empresas (DBA), por Maastricht School of Management, Holanda, y por la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.

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