• Complement your experience and knowledge as a future General Manager
  • Strengthens the soft skills necessary to successfully assume this new position

The role of General Managers is decisive for the generation of value, sustainability and significance, in any organization. The decision to assign a new General Manager is, therefore, one of the most relevant milestones in the management of any company. Functional Managers, natural successors to General Management, are generally experts in their respective areas that require developing complementary competencies to successfully assume the leadership of the company. To meet this need, the “Certification Program for General Management” was born.

CENTRUM PUCP may make changes to the curriculum, sequence of courses or professors, according to its policy of continuous improvement. Failure to comply with the required quorum CENTRUM PUCP reserves the right to postpone the start of courses and programs.





Thursday every 15 days from 08:30 to 13:00
04 Dec 2020
$ 7,150


Certification for PGG General Management, issued by CENTRUM PUCP Business School.


Functional Managers, Business Unit Managers and the like, in succession plan to occupy the position of General Manager. General Managers who need to strengthen their soft skills.


Complement the experience and knowledge of potential General Managers, with the development of the soft skills necessary to successfully assume this new position


The program is designed based on keynote lectures led by first-rate professors and exhibitors. The teaching method seeks to promote the active participation of the participant during the development of the sessions, through the application of individual and group work, participation in class and discussions about the readings proposed in each session. It is sought that the participant assimilate the concepts analyzing and criticizing the lessons taught.


Adriana Durán

Maribel Luz Osorio

  • Curricular mesh focused 100% on soft skills.
  • Possibility of Online Leveling: Marketing Management, Financial Resources Management, Organizational Behavior, Information Technology and E-Business, Financial Accounting and Tools for Management Decision Making
  • Optional trip to EADA Business School at the end of the Program.
  • National and International Exhibitors with successful experiences in the General Management
  • Possibility of Financing (IPFE)
  • Evaluation of Genos 360 Degree of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership (includes feedback session with a Professional Coach)
I Friday December 4 08:30 – 10:30 Jorge Kuryla Vargas
Independent Director
11:00 – 13:00 Carlos Zuzunaga Vargas
Head of Digital Transformation and Advanced Analytics at Alicorp and Founder of Comunal Coworkinge
II Thursday, December 17 08:30 – 10:30 Edmundo Yañez Olarte
CEO Peruvian Pharmacies (Inkafarma – Mifarma)
11:00 – 13:00 Luis Carrera Sarmiento
CEO of Yape – BCP
III Thursday, January 7 08:30 – 10:30 Alberto Haito Moarri
Director Arellano Marketing and former CEO of Frito Lay
11:00 – 13:00 Javier Rusca Seminario
General Manager of Unique S.A.
IV Thursday, January 21 08:30 – 10:30 Alvaro Merino Reyna
CEO of Sapia, former CEO of IBM
11:00 – 13:00 Marushka Chocobar Reyes
Secretary of Digital Government of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers
V Thursday February 4 08:30 – 10:30 Martin Ferraro Murdoch
Director of Innovation at the Hochschild Group
11:00 – 13:00 Yoel Chlimper Célis
Co-Founder @mambo & @WUF
VI Thursday, February 18 08:30 – 10:30 Carlos García Delgado
Executive President Summa
11:00 – 13:00 Víctor Shiquiyama Kobashigawa
Director Gobiz and Former SUNAT National Superintendent
VII Thursday March 4 08:30 – 10:30 Jorge Yzusqui Chessman
CEO Innova Schools
11:00 – 13:00 Felipe Cantuarias Salaverry
President of the Peruvian Hydrocarbons Society and Member of the FIFA Corporate Governance Committee
VIII Thursday March 18 08:30 – 10:30 Jordi Diaz Martin
Dean EADA Business School
IX Thursday, April 8 08:30 – 10:30 Rodrigo Isasi Ruiz
Partner / Director Insitum
11:00 – 13:00 Arturo Mannheim Astete
X Thursday, April 22 08:30 – 13:00 Eduardo Moane Drago
Executive Director Cambridge International Consulting
XI Thursday, May 6 08:30 – 10:30 Anthony Laub Benavides
Founding Partner of Laub y Quijandría
11:00 – 13:00 Edgardo Vargas Granthon
Executive President of the Industrial Supplies Unit at Grupo VILASECA
XII Thursday, May 20 08:30 – 13:00 Jordi Molina Alsina
International Speaker – Director of Meridian Capital and Professor at ESADE and EADA Business School
CENTRUM PUCP may make changes to the curriculum, sequence of courses or teachers, according to its policy of continuous improvement. Failure to comply with the required quorum CENTRUM PUCP reserves the right to postpone the start of courses and programs.

Results Orientation
In a very competitive and constantly changing world, companies look for professionals who have the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out their work effectively, achieving the company’s objectives, to manage the established processes and not interfere with the achievement of results. We are expected to focus on results in order to exceed our own standards and be at the forefront of the competition. During the development of this part of the program, it will be sought to develop in the participants the skills to guide the alignment of all areas of the organization towards a common goal.

In this module, you understand the theoretical and practical aspects necessary for the professional handling of negotiations. Participants are trained in the development of the necessary skills to design negotiation strategies. The negotiation process is analyzed step by step and useful tools and techniques are described to face it successfully. The development of basic criteria will be promoted with the help of cases and practical exercises. The students will have the opportunity to put into practice the theoretical aspects in the simulation workshops that will be organized during the workshop, also strengthening the negotiation techniques in the participants.

Negotiation and Conflict Management
The conflict came and settled in our lives, it is present in our homes, work, university, or any other activity in which we interact with other people. In companies, it is becoming increasingly important to properly manage and resolve conflicts that may arise with clients, suppliers, or between co-workers, and thus achieve their objectives. Negotiation is the method par excellence for conflict resolution, which makes the parties collaboratively find agreements that satisfy their interests.

Influence and Persuasion
Today, companies require employees to develop their activities generating impact on results and on people and it is therefore essential that they develop the skills of knowing how to influence others through good argumentation, using negotiation techniques that allow win-win results and in turn that their activities are planned, organized and directed towards the achievement of strategic, tactical and operational goals and objectives. In order to ensure that these capacities are internalized in the behaviors of the collaborators, this seminar is presented, where students will know and reinforce the techniques and instruments that allow them to commit to influencing all aspects of the organization.

Disruptive Leadership
Create and reach a desired future state, that is, work with the team to achieve the strategic objectives designated by management; this through positive influence, team motivation, optimal resource management and permanent focus on the achievement of objectives. At the same time, complying with the guidelines, policies, organizational values. The disruptive leader includes the members of their teams in the processes, maintaining transparency and allowing the most opportune decisions to be made in order to find better solutions and ways to establish new processes.

Strategic Vision
The Strategic vision defines the result you want to achieve, offers a broad overview to determine specific deadlines for objectives and goals. It converts the priorities of the Strategic Vision into operational realities, aligning communication and responsibility over internal resources and processes. In turn, through continuous measurement systems, it ensures the achievement of quantifiable and sustainable results; all this, in accordance with the strategic objectives of the business unit or corporation it represents.

The world has changed and we have to break paradigms. For this reason, innovation is in these times a fundamental tool for the competitive validity of companies in the globalized market. Management trends are aimed at creating creativity environments that allow the development and implementation of ideas as a contribution from all employees, who are the intellectual capital of the company and therefore the most important resource for the innovation and sustainability of the company. whose direct responsible for implementing, are the heads as innovative leaders.

Management Geostrategy
This part of the program is designed to develop in the participants an open vision of the new competitive environment, the questioning of the traditional and the development of the skills, knowledge and attitude of change to lead the multifunctional teams whose purpose is the development of projects of innovation. Participants will know the instruments to measure and develop strategies based on the geoeconomic environment and make decisions that ensure the permanence of an organization in the global competitive market.

Jordi Díaz
Associate Dean of International Relations
EADA Business School
Edmundo Yañez
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Eduardo Moane
Director Ejecutivo
Cambridge International Consulting
Carlos García
Alvaro Campos Crosby
Builder, transformer and
Business accelerator
Alberto Haito
Arellano Marketing,
Former Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Javier Rusca
General Manager of Unique S.A.
Alvaro Merino Reyna
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Former Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Arturo Mannheim
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
AGP Group
Jorge Yzusqui
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Innova Schools
Irzio Pinasco
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Acurio Restaurants
Felipe Cantuarias
Corporate Governance Committee Member
Yoel Chlimper
CO Founder
Mambo & Wuf
Martin Ferraro
Innovation Manager –
Cementos Pacasmayo
Virginio Gallardo
International speaker. Expert in Transformational Leadership and Human Resources Specialized in Consulting related to Change Management and Innovation.
Anthony Laub
Expert in Strategic Business Planning.
Marushka Chocobar
Secretary of the Digital Government of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.
Victor Shiguiyama
Director at Gobiz and former National Superintendent of SUNAT
Jordi Molina
International Speaker
Director of Meridian Capital and Porfesor at ESADE and EADA Business School
  Luis Alfonso Carrera
Yape Leader
Rodrigo Isasi
Partner/ Director

CENTRUM PUCP may make changes to the curriculum, sequence of courses or teachers, according to its policy of continuous improvement. If the required quorum is not met, CENTRUM PUCP reserves


The following video shows the testimony of several of the graduates of our CERTIFICATION FOR GENERAL MANAGEMENT program

Documents required for your registration

  • Registration form duly filled
  • Curriculum Vitae not documented (the applicant’s profile will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee if required)


  • Prices and conditions of the program are subject to variation.
  • The cost of the program includes: issuance of CENTRUM PUCP Diploma
  • The cost of the program does not include: Issuance of certificates, transcripts, academic mesh and participation, or others.


Ask for all the information you need, we care about ensuring that you achieve academic and professional success.

Adriana Durán
Maribel Luz Osorio


Clara Rosselló

Professor Rosselló is a Master of Business Administration in General and Strategic Management, Maastricht School of Management, The Netherlands. Master in Strategic Business Administration, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. B.A. in Graphic Arts, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. She has international certifications among which stand out: CPCL Harvard Business School, Boston, USA; International Master in Leadership EADA Business School, Barcelona, Spain; Executive Program Customer Experience IE Business School, Madrid, Spain; International Program for Board Members EADA Business School, Barcelona, Spain. To date she is a member of the “Steering Committee” of the EFMD Americas Conference 2019-2021.

She has been Corporate Image Manager of Unique-Yanbal International for Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico and USA; Marketing Manager of Unique-Peru. He is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of Comacsa, a leading non-metallic mining company in Peru, and a board member of Fundición Americana S.A. She is a specialist in Corporate Image, Marketing Management, Business Communication and Strategic Planning.