The phenomenon of globalization creates new opportunities and challenges for health professionals. These challenges translate into an imminent need to develop comprehensive investment plans, improve the quality and organization of health services, expand supply, and increase financing and quality of health spending.

To face the challenges that this sector demands with a global vision of value creation, health managers must exercise strategic leadership based on technological innovation that allows them to adapt in different environments and in turn be agents of change.

In that sense, the University Cayetano Heredia and CENTRUM Católica come together to offer:

  • Master in Health Management, Universidad Cayetano Heredia
  • Diploma of Advanced Specialization in Health Management, by CENTRUM Católica


Study trip to University of St. Thomas at the end of the program (optional).


Professionals in the health sector, related areas, consultants and specialists in the field; with minimum experience of three years.


Investment:  S / .65,300
Exam fee :  S / .330 (does not include English exam)

Direct with CENTRUM Católica and without interest (previous evaluation).


  • Campus Miraflores of the University Cayetano Heredia
  • Campus of CENTRUM Católica.


The structure of this program emphasizes critical aspects in marketing, strategy and leadership, innovation, teamwork, productivity and ethics, to compete successfully in the challenging health business management sector. The classes are taught by expert professors from the Peruvian University Cayetano Heredia and CENTRUM Católica, based on case studies to give a practical vision of the challenges of the top management.

  • Respond to the requirements of the health sector that demands professionals with transversal expertise through different disciplinary fields to support an integrated, efficient and competent management that promotes continuous innovation processes.
  • To develop capacities of interdisciplinary interaction between professionals of the sector, to promote the efficiency and efficiency in the processes of decision-making and in the professional performance.
  • To meet the demand of the Peruvian market to have postgraduate studies in the field of health management, aimed mainly at managers or officials and entrepreneurs of the sector who wish to receive specialized training.
  • Promote the projection of professionals and entrepreneurs in the proactive sector that identify management, implementation and diversification opportunities, through innovative, profitable and successful strategic actions, demonstrating an entrepreneurial attitude that improves their professional horizons and employability.

These are the advantages of following the  MBA in Health Management:

  • You will obtain the master’s degree in the name of the nation and a diploma:
    – Master in Health Management, by the Cayetano Heredia University
    – Advanced Specialization Diploma in Health Management, by CENTRUM Católica
  • You will have the backing of a top Latin American school and the only one in Peru with an academic Triple Crown.
  • You will be guided by academics of high academic level, proven experience in business and magnificent personal qualities.
  • You will receive a solid academic and practical training, which will allow you to perfect your knowledge in health management.
  • You will be able to expand your networks of contacts and expand your opportunities of growth, being part of the communities of students of the University Cayetano Heredia and CENTRUM Católica.
  • You will be able to be invited to Beta Gamma Sigma, the most important honorary society of students, graduates and teachers of the world.
  • You will be able to publish your thesis of degree, of being highlighted, like case of study, article or book.
  • You will be able to access offers and trade fairs with CENTRUM Colocaciones.
  • You will receive employment advice by LHH-DBM Peru

The curriculum of the Master’s in Health Management is intended to cover a total of 20 courses would be completed in a period of 22 months.

The process of admission to the  MBA in Health Management  is open all year round. Your application is processed in approximately two weeks, provided you submit the documents requested by the Admissions Office. The process is completed with an interview for which we will contact you.


  • To show Bachelors degree
  • Be at least 25 years old at the beginning of the admission process.
  • Have at least 3 years of executive level work experience.
  • To be a professional that (a) works in any of the different units of the health sector, clinics, hospitals, medical centers, or other related body; (b) develop consultancy or consultancy in the health sector; and (c) develop information and communication technologies in the health sector.
  • Accredit your level of English language through Certificate or Diploma of any of the following institutions, ICPNA, British, EUROIDIOMAS, Languages Católica, TOEFL, TOEIC, CAMBRIDGE, with a seniority of no more than 3 years. Or, failing that, perform a mandatory evaluation in CENTRUM Católicaprior to the programming of your interview.  The result of such evaluation is solely and exclusively referential, does not condition Admission in any sense.
  • Applicants from countries where the official language is English, or who have studied in English-speaking countries, are exempt from the above requirement.
  • Pass fitness test (GMAT or equivalent).
  • Obtain a favorable result during the personal interview.

Documents needed to be called for admission examination

  • Registration form. Registration to the Admission Process
  • Resume Vite not documented and scanned photo (passport size, resolution not less than 300 dpi, with bag and tie, white background). to download
  • Simple copy of the National Identity Document – DNI (both sides), or Foreigner’s Card or Passport, in the case of foreign applicants.
  • Simple copy of the Bachelor’s degree.
  • Proof of the registration of the degree of Bachiller in the National Superintendency of Higher University Education (SUNEDU) for postulants who have studied in Peru. In case your university has not complied with the aforementioned registration, the applicant must submit a copy of his Baccalaureate Diploma, approved by the university that issued it (*). And, if the applicant has studied abroad, he / she must submit a notarized copy of his or her degree. (*)  It is a prerequisite, in order to be able to manage and register his future academic degree, that before the end of his / record of his Bachelor’s degree in SUNEDU.
  • Payment of the right to the admission process. Attach the print / screen capture or scanned copy of the corresponding vouchers.

Documents needed to be called to a personal interview
(Physical delivery no later than the day of the interview)

  • Statement of motivation for the study of the program.
  • Certification of the second intermediate level intermediate language, if any.
  • Certificate of notes fedateado by the university that issued it.
  • Two letters of recommendation, and at least one of the current employer (on company letterhead). The recommendation will be made by persons who are well acquainted with the applicant’s work and studies and who are able to judge the candidate’s qualifications for a master’s degree.
  • Two passport sized photographs.
  • Commitment of Honor signed. to download
  • Financial Commitment signed. to download

“Plagiarism is unacceptable behavior contrary to the spirit of knowledge generated by the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, CENTRUM Católica condemns plagiarism in all its activities.” We recommend reading the following document  “Why and how should we combat plagiarism?” .

Documents reception

Send your documents or ask for more information with:

Ana Luisa Chen Rebaza
RPC: 993-501-966/ 964-484-843

The pursuit of studies at CENTRUM Católica Graduate Business School is a very important personal decision that implies having evaluated, known and accepted, among others, the academic, economic, administrative and disciplinary conditions that must be fulfilled throughout its study period, as well as as the degree of commitment and dedication necessary to successfully complete this great professional project. That is why, it is necessary to know the content of the following REGULATION, as well as to take into account its great importance, before starting the admission process. With the beginning of the admission process, you declare to know and accept this  REGULATION , being that from that moment no ignorance of it can be claimed. 


José Acha

Master’s Degree in Strategic Business Administration from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, a Master’s degree in International Leadership from EADA, Spain, and a Master’s degree in Naval Maritime Science from the Naval War College. He also holds Master’s degrees in National Defense from the National Defense Academy, Argentina, and in International Relations (Political Economy) from Troy State University, United States.

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