• Get two simultaneous degrees in prestigious business schools
  • Learn to work efficiently and effectively in multicultural groups

# 1 in Latin America, 2018 Eduniversal

The International MBA Maastricht is a high-level program designed for executives who are interested in acquiring an international vision in the management of their institutions. It is issued in partnership with Maastricht School of Management and 100% in English, to give you an intercultural and advanced business perspective.





WEEKLY 18 months
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 18:30 to 22:00
Saturdays from 9:30 to 18:00
Classes in Lima
Aug 2018
S/. 88,200    


Four weeks in the Netherlands. You will receive classes by distinguished teachers of Maastricht on economics, political, legal and social environment in Europe.


#1 in Latin America, Eduniversal 2018.

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Professionals with over 3 years of work experience and English proficiency looking to expand their strategic and international business vision.


  • Give students an overview of international business.
  • To develop a theoretical and practical methodology to respond to changing global business.
  • Provide participants a critical and strategic thinking to respond to changing business challenges.


During lectures, teachers develop cases and methodologies from Harvard Business School.

Students are involved to cooperate with their experiences and the decisions that they would take if found in those situations.

The courses are taught by expert teachers of CENTRUM Catolica and Maastricht School of Management.


Direct with CENTRUM Católica, in 24 months and interest-free.

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Campus of CENTRUM Católica in Lima.

These are the advantages of following the International MBA Maastricht:

  • You’ll get double degree:
    • Strategic Master of Business Administration (Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru – PUCP).
    • Master in Business Administration from Maastricht School of Management (Netherlands).
  • You will receive your classes entirely in English.
  • You will be guided by an expert faculty of high academic level, expertise in business and great personal qualities from two institutions.
  • Receive a strong academic and practical training, which allows perfect your skills in administrative management.
  • Expand your networking to belong to the communities of Catholic CENTRUM and Maastricht School of Management.
  • You will have the chance to be invited to Beta Gamma Sigma, the world’s most important honorary society of students, graduates and teachers.
  • Access offers and job fairs with CENTRUM Placements.
  • Get advice on employability by LHH-DBM Peru.

The International MBA Maastricht comprises in its curricular structure areas of Strategy and Leadership, Finance, Marketing and Operations. To pass the program, you must successfully complete these courses, in addition to support and pass a thesis.

  • TERM I

    • Effective Communication

    • Statistics for Management

      The course provides the fundamentals of probability and statistical analysis as tools for risk management, uncertainty and process control. The organization of data (tables and graphs), measures of central tendency and dispersion, probability theory, discrete and continuous variables, probability distributions, regression and correlation analysis, and sampling and estimation are developed.

    • Accounting for Managers

    • Financial Mathematics

    • Thesis Seminar I

      The course will provide an introduction to the APA standards for use in the preparation of academic literature at CENTRUM Católica, such as theses, essays and scientific papers. The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association "describes requirements for the preparation and proposal of manuscripts for publication" (American Psychological Association [APA], 2010, p. 6). As a document established by the American Psychological Society, the APA Manual is presented as an academic tool that guides and illustrates the style to be followed by presentations of academic manuscripts. The topics deal with: (a) the types of articles, (b) the role of ethics in publications, (c) the structure of the manuscript, (d) writing style, (e) the use of tables and graphic elements, and (f) source citations and references.


    • Organizational Behavior

      The course presents in depth the fundamentals of the performance of the behavior of the individual, the group and the organization. The role of the individual is discussed as the basic cell of an organization, analyzing it from different perspectives: skills, perception, personality, learning, reinforcement of behaviors and motivation.

      Also analyzed are the constitution of the groups, their nature and decision making processes at the organizational level, in the framework of concepts such as power, politics, conflict, teams and leadership; the influence on the behavior of culture, climate and internal communications, and change and ways to manage it.

      The course reinforces knowledge of psychological and psychophysiological bases, as well as social interaction from which to understand individual behavior, learning desired behaviors, sustaining motivation, group behavior, the management organizational change and learning and responsible action in teams, in order to contribute decisively to the results of the organization and the sustainability of its competitive advantage.

    • Management Decision – Making Tools

    • Economics for Managers

    • Marketing Management

      The course seeks a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of marketing, ensuring that value is generated for the company by meeting the needs of consumers. It introduces students to strategic marketing (segmentation, target market, positioning, etc.), as well as operational marketing (product and brand development, pricing strategies and tactics, choice and management of channels, integrated communications, etc.). Additionally, it favors a space for ongoing discussion and reflection, in which each student will have the opportunity to critically analyze various situations directly linked with ethical and social responsibility aspects of business life.



  • TERM V


    • Strategic Management

      Strategy and Leadership Area The course develops methods and tools that enable the student to obtain skills in the identification, implementation and evaluation of comprehensive business plans, integrating the fundamental processes of the organization with the focus on planning and strategic direction. It must be said that Peruvian companies may enjoy the benefits of the new economy only if they achieve a profound transformation in the structure of their planning, decision-making and operational management. The classic tools of contemporary administration have proved to be insufficient in the current competitive environment and, today, it is proven that to achieve a competitive leadership position, organizations must be structured according to their markets and customers and have effective tools in order to structure their objectives and deploy them throughout the organization.

    • Coaching and Teamwork

      Strategy and Leadership Area The course aims to develop in students the ability to train people to interact effectively with different persons in their daily actions and thereby achieve harmonious relations, from the knowledge of the SER. In addition, students will have knowledge of the elements related to the management of high performance teams and of personal and team skills to achieve greater effectiveness, efficiency and quality results.

    • Information Technology & E-Business

      Information and knowledge are invaluable resources in today’s organizations. Knowing the methods, techniques and tools to exploit them is an unavoidable challenge for individuals, groups and organizations. Not only for specialists in information technology, but also for the MBA students in their role as business managers.

      Information systems and information technologies (IT) are critical to the survival and success of business. Their impact can be seen not only in the operation of the company but also in its strategies and in the search for and maintenance of competitive advantages. More so in a globalized world where borders fade quickly and a digital culture is imposed globally.

      Technology in general has changed the way companies do business, the competitive environment and the geographical area in which they develop production, sales, training, customer loyalty, and much more. Business managers seek to understand the impact these changes generate and, more importantly, will generate in the future. In that sense, the manager uses the advantages that information technology offers today to support business strategies in the new economy and electronic markets, all of which warrants updating the organization, control and management of businesses oriented towards their customers.

    • Finance in International Markets



Maastricht School of Management – Netherlands

Maastricht School of Management is one of the oldest business schools in the Netherlands, known for its emphasis on international accreditation and global presence. Its mission is to optimize the management capacity of professionals and organizations so that they can contribute efficiently to the development of emerging economies.

About International Travel

For 4 weeks, you will receive expert classes that can meet the economic, political, legal and social environment in Europe, by distinguished professors from Maastricht School of Management. Academic rigor is complemented by visits to major companies in the country, where they will analyze and identify new business opportunities.

Conditions of international travel

The program fee:

  • Does not include cost of paperwork passport or visa costs
  • Does not include travel insurance, cost airline tickets, excess baggage costs, communications, personal consumption or other expenses not specified

Asks all the information you need, we take care to ensure you achieve academic success and professional.

Mariana Salmon
Telephones: 626-7102
E-mail: msalmon@pucp.edu.pe

Yesica Siu
Telephones: 626-7162 / 937723458
E-mail: ysiu@pucp.pe

Giovanna Foullman
Telephones: 626-7105
E-mail: gfoullman@pucp.edu.pe

The process for admission to MBA International Maastricht is open throughout the year. Your application is processed in about two weeks, provided that you deliver the documents you are requested to the Admissions Office. The process is completed with an interview for which we will contact you


  • To have an accredited bachelor degree.
  • Three or more years of work experience properly substantiated.
  • Be at least 25 years old to start the admission process.
  • Pass the proficiency assessment.
  • Take an English proficiency assessment and accredit an advanced level domain.
  • Get a favorable result in personal interview.

Documents required to be summoned to take the entrance exam

  • Fill the Registration Form: Start Registration
  • Copy of Bachelor degree.
  • Curriculum Vitae in English (not documented).
  • Simple copy of the National Identity Document – DNI (both sides), or Foreigner’s Card or Passport, in the case of foreign applicants.
  • Enter the following link to make payment of admission right and attach the print / screenshot or scanned copy of the payment voucher.

Documents required to be called a personal interview

  • Completed application form.
  • Copy of passport, if you have valid visas also submit a copy.
  • Four (4) passport sized photographs, in color, with white background and formal dress.
  • 1 motivation essay, in English, where he explains the reasons that lead him to apply for the program.
  • 2 Letters of recomendation signed by representatives of the employers to make mention of good work performance, written in English. These letters must support the required years of work experience, not considering pre professional practices.
  • Copy of academic degree given by the university that issued it, translated into English in Official Translation. If you have studied abroad, present the copy of the notarized academic degree with the corresponding Official Translation.
  • Original certificate of grades issued by the university, translated into English in Official Translation
  • Honor Commitment Download
  • Financial Commitment Download

“Plagiarism is unacceptable behavior contrary to the spirit of knowledge generated by the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, CENTRUM Católica condemns plagiarism in all activities”. We recommend reading the following document: “Why and how should we combat plagiarism?”.


  • The program does not include cost of  outstanding academic rights
  • Prices and conditions of the program are subject to change.
  • In international travel, expenses are partially covered (See tab International Travel).
  • It is mandatory to prove an intermediate English proficiency for graduation.

Reception of documents

Send your documents or ask for more information:

Mariana Salmon
Telephones: 626-7102
E-mail: msalmon@pucp.edu.pe

Yesica Siu
Telephones: 626-7162 / 937723458
E-mail: ysiu@pucp.pe

Giovanna Foullman
Telephones: 626-7105
E-mail: gfoullman@pucp.edu.pe

Achieving studies CENTRUM Católica Graduate Business School is a very important personal decision that involves evaluating, known and accepted, among others, academic, economic, administrative and disciplinary conditions to be met throughout their period of studies, the degree of commitment and dedication necessary to successfully complete this great professional project. That is why, it is necessary to know the content of the following standards as well as take into account its importance, before starting the admission process. With the start of the admissions process, you acknowledge and accept this standard, and that from that moment can not be alleged ignorance of it.


Carlos Bazán

Master’s degree in Strategic Business Administration from Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Perú, and an undergraduate degree in Marine Sciences from the Peruvian Naval Academy. He has also completed specialization courses in Mechanical-Electrical and Electronics Control Systems in the Peruvian Naval Academy and Attila Monteiro Ache School in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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