• Enhance your skills with specialized courses in the area of your interest
  • Update your management skills and apply them from the beginning
  • Resolves with poise and creativity the challenges of the business world

#1 in Executive Education in Peru, Financial Times 2017


The Edex Program are 24 academic hours courses designed to develop or enhance your knowledge in vital areas of business management. You can get creative to solve problems and obtain progressive certifications, according to your academic progress.





WEEKLY 8 classroom weeks
once per week
Monday to Friday from 19:00 to 22:30
or Saturdays from 9:00 to 13:30 or 14:30 to 18:00
20 Feb 2017

S/.1,200 (Online)    


# 71 in the world and # 1 in Peru in Executive Education Open, Financial Times 2016.

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  • Entrepreneurs, managers and executives with two years of work experience, interested in strengthening their skills and abilities
  • Professionals without prior knowledge of a specific area that already have advanced skills and require updating


  • Participants will develop appropriate criteria for business management through reflection and creativity
  • To update the participants knowledge in the different areas of expertise: Strategy and Leadership, Finance, Marketing and Operations
  • Promote the exchange of experiences and knowledge of students


This program is developed with a theoretical and practical methodology, which focuses on enhancing your skills and abilities. You can select courses of your interest and get a progressive certification, according to your needs. Classes are led by teachers with extensive experience and proven track record.


Directly with CENTRUM Católica and without interests

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According to the selected course.




These are the advantages of following the courses edex:

  • Design your own plan, with the flexibility to choose your courses according to your needs and schedules.
  • You will receive a strong academic and practical training, which will allow you to perfect your knowledge and skills.
  • You will have the endorsement of a top school in Latin America and the only one in Peru with academic Triple Crown.
  • You will be guided by teachers of high academic level, proven business experience and great personal qualities.
  • You will receive a progressive certification, with different levels according to your academic progress:
  • Certificate of Executive Studies (CEE)
  • Upon approval of four edex courses over a period of one year:
  • 1 mandatory course + 3 free courses of the same area.
  • Graduate Studies (DE)
  • Upon approving 8 edex courses over a period of two years:
  • 3 mandatory courses + 5 free courses of the same area.

In addition, you must develop an integrative assignment

  • You will have special benefits for outstanding academic performance.
  • You will have an email account, access to the Virtual Campus and complementary course material.

The EdEx Program comprises four areas of specialization, with courses mandatory for compliance certification level. Specialize courses taught in each area are as follows

CENTRUM Católica may make changes in the curricula, or sequence of courses or teachers, according to its policy of continuous improvement. Failure to comply with the required quorum Catholic CENTRUM reserves the right to postpone the start of courses and programs.





Progressive certification system supported by the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru. This provides various certificates.

Graduate Study (DE);
Approval of 8 short courses – EdEx: 3 mandatory courses + 5 free election courses in the same area.
Plus the development of an integrative assignment.
Through a two year time period.

Executive Education Certificate (CEE):
Approval of 4 short courses – EdEx: 1 mandatory course + 3 free election courses during a year time period.


The process of admission to the short courses EdEx is open all year. Your registration is automatic once you make the payment.


  • Two or more years of experience in executive positions.

Admission process

  • Step 1: Choose the course you need
  • Step 2: Sign up here
  • Step 3: Register


  • The program cost does not include outstanding academic rights.
  • Prices and conditions of the program are subject to change.
  • The certificate awarded upon successfully conclusion of the course will be VIRTUAL.

Documents reception

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Carmen Zegarra
Telephone: 626-7113
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Online EdEx

Mariella Salazar
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Rossana Murga
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Luz Marina García Solís
Telephone: (511) 626 7112 / 996-575-031
E-mail: lmgarcias@pucp.pe

Achieving studies CENTRUM Católica Graduate Business School is a very important personal decision that involves evaluating, known and accepted, among others, academic, economic, administrative and disciplinary conditions to be met throughout their period of studies, the degree of commitment and dedication necessary to successfully complete this great professional project. That is why, it is necessary to know the content of the following standards as well as take into account its importance, before starting the admission process. With the start of the admissions process, you acknowledge and accept this standard, and that from that moment can not be alleged ignorance of it.


Juan O’Brien

Doctoral studies in Strategic Business Administration (MBA), by Maastricht School of Management, the Netherlands, and the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru.

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