The Diploma of Study in Advanced Business Coaching and Organizational Learning is a program that has been created to provide a specialization to the coaches and to certificates that wish to deepen the organizational work, giving them new approaches, tools and work methodologies, coupled with practical experience of intervention in a real organization, with teams and people who require accompaniment to achieve their goals.

Coaches with the method of learning – doing, will handle indicators, will carry out application activities and will be able to show in a tangible way the contributions and value generated by a process of coaching and organizational learning. The competences to be developed are those that the International Coaching Foundation (ICF) has defined as a key in the practice of coaching.


  • # 71 in the world and # 1 in Peru in the Executive Education Open, Financial Times 2017.

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This program is developed with a theoretical-practical methodology, which focuses on strengthening your skills in coaching people and teams, by discussing cases and teamwork within the classroom. The dynamic of the sessions is agile and participatory.


Direct with CENTRUM Católica and without interest.

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  • JW Courtyard Marriott (Calle Shell 400, Miraflores- Lima-)
  • Campus CENTRUM Católica (Lima – Perú)

These are the advantages of following the Diploma of Study in Advanced Business Coaching and Organizational Learning with CENTRUM Católica:

  • Double Simultaneous Certification:
    Diploma of Study in Advanced Business Coaching and Organizational Learning, awarded by CENTRUM Católica Business School

    • Certificate in Business Coaching & Organizational Learning Specialist Certificate awarded by CENTRUM Católica to students with an average of 16.00 to more
    • You will receive a solid academic and practical training, which will allow you to perfect your knowledge in coaching people and teams.
  • You will have the backing of a top Latin American school and the only one in Peru with an academic Triple Crown.
  • You will be guided by academics of high academic level, proven experience in business and magnificent personal qualities.
  • The most modern and complete curriculum structure ensures the level of depth you require.
  • You can improve your network of contacts by belonging to a community that brings together the best professionals.
  • You will have an email account, access to the Virtual Campus and complementary material of the course.

The Diploma of Study in Advanced Business Coaching and Organizational Learning comprises three modules, in which advanced concepts of organizational coaching are developed. To pass the program, you must successfully complete the subjects in CENTRUM Católica. In addition, to support a Final Application Work.

The admission process to the Diploma of Study in Advanced Business Coaching and Organizational Learning is open all year round. Your application is processed in approximately two weeks, provided you comply with the attached documents requested by the Admission Office.


  • Have at least 25 years of age at the beginning of the admission process.
  • Two or more years of experience in executive or business positions.
  • To have certified as a professional coach of a program of at least 120 hours of specific training in coaching.
  • Availability to carry out an organizational coaching project
  • Have the approval of an organization to carry out the intervention

Documents required for registration

  • Fill out the Registration Form.
  • Simple copy of the National Document of Identity – DNI (both sides), or Identity Card in case of foreign postulants.
  • Resume Vite not documented and scanned photo (passport size, resolution not less than 300 dpi, with bag and tie, white background). To download
  • Single copy of the Academic Degree of Bachiller (Optional). If you do not present it, you must go through an interview.

Documents needed for your application


  • Prices and conditions of the program are subject to variation.
  • The cost of the program does not include:
    • Issue of Diploma CENTRUM Católica
    • Issuance of certificates, proof of notes, academic mesh and participation.

Documents reception

Send your documents or ask for more information with:

Rossana Murga
Phone: (511) 626-7115 / 994-695-711

Isadora Semizo
Phone: (511) 626-7107

Paola Zúñiga
Phone: (511) 626-7110

The pursuit of studies at CENTRUM Católica Graduate Business School is a very important personal decision that implies having evaluated, known and accepted, among others, the academic, economic, administrative and disciplinary conditions that must be fulfilled throughout its study period, as well as as the degree of commitment and dedication necessary to successfully complete this great professional project. That is why, it is necessary to know the content of the following REGULATION, as well as to take into account its great importance, before starting the admission process. With the beginning of the admission process, you declare to know and accept this REGULATION, being that from that moment no ignorance of it can be claimed.


Juan O’Brien

Estudios doctorales en Administración Estratégica de Empresas (DBA), por Maastricht School of Management, Holanda, y por la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.

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