• Get a diagnosis of the training needs in your company.
  • Find the specialized solution to perfect your staff.
  • Choose the place of dictation that suits your organization.


CENTRUM InCompany is a specialized service that puts the training solutions tailored to your company’s needs at your fingertips.

This type of training responds to the wishes of many companies that have CENTRUM Católica students in their organization and want their group of workers to maintain the line of this excellent experience.

This training adjusts to what the company needs, its culture, the training of the employee and the objective of the organization. They are true “custom-made suits” and are most commonly given in the companies themselves.

InCompany training generates value, improves performance and encourages growth of the employees.

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These are the advantages of taking the InCompany CENTRUM Católica Courses:

  • Exact Diagnosis
    In CENTRUM InCompany, we have experts who are in charge of the process of obtaining information and using it to form the criteria that will be used in the educational decision making of your company
  • World-class Academic Specialists
    Within our portfolio of professors, we provide help from the development of soft skills to the implementation of transnational strategies, supported by international professors and advisors
  • Support of a top Latin American school CENTRUM Católica
    We are the only school with the TRIPLE CORONA, which guarantees the high level of our teaching, in addition to the Triple ISO Certification, which guarantees academic excellence and demonstrates our commitment to the environment and to our society.

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You will have a wide range of specialized courses available, with the same quality as the degree courses and in four knowledge areas: Strategy and Leadership; Operations and Logistics; Finance, Accounting and Economics; And Marketing and Sales.

According to the needs of your company, you can assemble specialized curricula. Students must pass 90% of the total contracted course hours to receive the certification.


Request the courses you need here  and live the CENTRUM InCompany experience


    • Leadership and Teamwork – InCompany

      Leadership, Strategy and Management Area This course aims to present the main theories, principles and analytical techniques that permit its students to have the knowledge and practice of topics related to Managerial Leadership. It also seeks to provide a set of theories, principles and analytical techniques that permit its students to have the knowledge and practice of topics related to theories and practices that lead to Work in High Performance Teams.

    • Negotiation and Conflict Management – InCompany

      Leadership, Strategy and Management Area This course covers the theory and practice necessary for the effective management of negotiations and conflict management at the organizational level. Thus the basic techniques of negotiation, communication, persuasion, strategies and effective understanding of conflicts are developed: characteristic, types, stages, and also the different behaviors that are usually taken for their proper resolution.

    • Team Work: Highly Effective Teamwork – InCompany

      Leadership, Strategy and Management Area This course aims to teach a set of theories, principles and analytical techniques that permit its students to have the knowledge and practice of topics related to theories and practices that lead to the generation of Highly Effective Teams. This course also aims to clarify the qualities and limitations of the student as a leader of human groups; seeking to respond to ongoing changes in the organizational environment.

    • Achievement and Results Orientation – InCompany

      Leadership, Strategy and Management Area One of the essential personal skills for success in modern organizations is the focus on results. A results-oriented person brings increased value to the organization because he has incorporated working methods and developed personal characteristics that make it easier to reach organizational goals and objectives and personal paths. The use of performance indicators, in turn, plays a role of paramount importance in this process, helping to generate alignment at all levels, while developing habits for reviewing and improvement of the key issues in the business. Thus, this course introduces the concepts, tools and various practical exercises to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to target results, with particular emphasis on the use of management indicators.


    • Warehouse + BPA Management – InCompany

      Operations, Logistic and Technology Area The course is designed to introduce the student to the most important concepts of warehouse management, moving from the general to the particular, so that he understands their role within the company and is able to use the knowledge imparted for use in his work environment. The methodology seeks the balance between theory and practice, therefore, during the development of the course, different practical exercises are conducted for the student to internalize what has been learned through the application of the concepts taught.

    • Transportation Management InCompany

      Operations, Logistic and Technology Area The course will develop knowledge and show good operational and organizational practices that a professional requires for an effective and efficient management of the operations of cargo transport, either on land or sea, from the point of view of the load generator and / or transport company.

    • Project Management – InCompany

      Operations, Logistic and Technology Area The course is based on the best practices of project management registered in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) of the PMI®. Aimed at decision-making, the course emphasizes the link of project management with the design and implementation of strategies and the management of change (for new products, new markets, new businesses), praising the added value, not only in the design and monitoring of projects, but also in providing solutions to meet the expectations, needs and requirements of the stakeholders.

    • Process Quality and Innovation – InCompany

      Operations, Logistic and Technology Area The management of quality is critical to ensure compliance with the requirements of internal and external customers. Quality is achieved through operational processes, which build the characteristics of the goods and services to meet the requirements of the companies' customers. In order to improve the processes, and therefore the quality, it is necessary to have a focus on innovation that involves customers.


    • Financial Accounting for Non-Specialists – InCompany

      Finance, Accounting and Economics Area This course aims to introduce students to the concepts and principles of financial accounting as a fundamental element for managerial control and decision making. The course is aimed to "how to apply" accounting for management purposes within a socially responsible, rather than "how to do" approach. Therefore, the financial statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Changes in Equity and cash flow statement) are studied as basic tools of control, and the principles related to financial transactions monetary assets, inventories, fixed assets, debts, income and net worth are analyzed.

    • Costs and Budgets – InCompany

      Finance, Accounting and Economics Area Business goals are achieved when management is able to make decisions that increase the value of the company for which it is necessary to know the costs associated with these decisions and be able to control their execution through their budget. The course refers to the concepts and tools required to achieve those objectives.

    • Finance for Non-Specialists – InCompany

      Finance, Accounting and Economics Area After completing the course, the student will be able to identify how the financial function is integrated with the objectives and strategies of the company, considering the potential impact of national and international economic environment on the results of the company.

    • Corporate Finance – InCompany

      Finance, Accounting and Economics Area The course emphasizes the decision-making process associated with Financial Management, which has as its main objective to maximize the market value of the company. To achieve this objective, Financial Management should use the concepts, tools and techniques that will be reviewed in this course; an analysis of both long- and short-term financial decisions is considered for its development.


    • Distribution Channels – Trade Marketing – InCompany

      Marketing and Sales Area The course aims to bring students to an effective and efficient management of bringing products to market. Some companies present their goods and services directly to the target population, while others use intermediaries. In these cases, the channels used are important to reach the desired customers; they fulfill the function that facilitates what the company seeks in exchange for a margin to justify it. There are even circumstances when it is inconvenient try to reach them directly. Choose the appropriate channels, motivate them and evaluate their trajectory; they are central ideas for proper business management.

    • Sales Techniques – InCompany

      Marketing and Sales Area The course provides students with a comprehensive and practical overview of the sales process aimed at offering solutions that help establish long-term relationships.

    • Marketing Plan – InCompany

      Marketing and Sales Area The course has three parts. In the first, the conceptual framework that contains a Marketing Plan, the changes that took place in the Peru and the world to be able to analyze the external and internal environment of the company and determine the current business model to know its competitive position, and consumer analysis in order to understand and identify market opportunities through analytical research are provided. In the second part, business strategies are developed with practical cases of emblematic companies, and the concepts of the 4 Ps of Marketing - Product, Price, Promotion and Place - are analyzed. Other P's of modern marketing will also be added. In the third and final part of the course, the concepts of creativity and innovation and socially responsible marketing are discussed, creating shared value that all modern marketing plans should consider to keep the company relevant.

    • The Sale Process – InCompany

      Marketing and Sales Area Today every company needs to have adequate management of its sales in line with its own business model. The development of the course will include the transmission of theoretical concepts and applying them through simulation activities and exercises of analysis of best practices.

The service is available throughout the year. Your request is analyzed according to the objectives you outline and the areas of improvement that we identify in the diagnosis.


  • The prices and conditions of the courses or workshops are subject to change.
  • See the Regulatory Guide  for Tailored Programs

Reception of requests

Send your request or ask for more information to:

Escarli Barbieri
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E-mail: ebarbieri@pucp.edu.pe

Joaquin Barreto
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You can also visit us in our exclusive offices in Los Álamos de Monterrico, Surco

Identifying needs
Together we identify training needs and performance improvement of your institution´s staff.

Skills diagnostic
We apply interpersonal styles tests, leadership, personality and emotional intelligence, to determine the degree of development of the participant. These have an additional cost to the estimate for the course or program.

Training proposal
We elaborate a proposal for specific training on the basis of information collected.

Incorporating ad hoc cases
If you take this step, we collect information that allow us to incorporate cases of your own company to the program to facilitate the application of knowledge.

Workshop or course
It is the development of the program, which may include a workshop, course or both. It may be taught in CENTRUM Católica campus or on site.

CENTRUM Católica will present a report at the end of the program, with aspects such as: attendance, topics covered, areas requiring reinforcement, suggestions and results of the satisfaction survey.

Booster sessions
We can give support in the integration process of results in the activities of the company. They have an additional cost to the budget for the course or program.

Achieving studies CENTRUM Católica Graduate Business School is a very important personal decision that involves evaluating, known and accepted, among others, academic, economic, administrative and disciplinary conditions to be met throughout their period of studies, the degree of commitment and dedication necessary to successfully complete this great professional project. That is why, it is necessary to know the content of the following standards as well as take into account its importance, before starting the admission process. With the start of the admissions process, you acknowledge and accept this standard, and that from that moment can not be alleged ignorance of it.


Gloria Zambrano

Professor Gloria Zambrano holds a Master of Business Administration from Tulane University, United States, a Master’s Degree in Strategic Global Business Administration from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, and and an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and Accounting from Universidad del Pacífico, Peru. She also holds European Business Initiatives International Certificates issued by Instituto de Empresa IE, Spain; Latin American Business Initiatives, North American Business Initiatives and Asian-Pacific Business Initiatives certificates issued by A. B. Freeman School of Business, Tulane University.

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