• Start: October
  • Duration: 7 lective months
  • Frequency: Wednesday to Saturday

Two leading institutions joined to offer world class programs

Application of new technologies and agile work methodologies have generated the need in Financial Institutions to achieve efficiencies and scale controls through the development of Fintech digital applications that allows to enhance the results of profitability and customer satisfaction in the short term. This global trend is generating the need for specialists who have the knowledge bases to be able to implement the methodology for successful digital transformations in the short term with a cross-sectional view of businesses and processes within the Institutions with a focus on profitability and agile instrumentation of systems projects. Likewise and in parallel the figure of the Fintech processor emerges who must be able to identify the way in which their developments provide value within the Institutions, all of the above contemplating the regulatory and security aspects required.

In agreement with the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (TEC de Monterrey), a private university located in Mexico, recognized as one of the best in Latin America, characterized by having an active presence in both business and technological innovation. The program provides a double certification by CENTRUM PUCP and TEC de Monterrey.





WEDNESDAY TO SATURDAY 7 lective months
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 6:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
21 Oct 2020
S/. 15,900    


You will receive the Dual Simultaneous International Certification:

  • Curso de Especialización Internacional en Transformación Digital Fintech, provided by CENTRUM PUCP Business School.
  • Diplomado en Transformación Digital Fintech, provided by TEC de Monterrey.


  • CENTRUM PUCP: #7 in Latin America, and #78 worldwide, Executive Education Open Financial Times 2019.


Implement digital transformation projects, using Fintech applications and meeting the requirements of efficiency, profitability and user experience.


San Isidro – TEC instalations


CENTRUM PUCP is member of UNICON. UNICON’s members are worldwide reference for Executive Education.


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Claudia Falla

Ivette Miranda

Amberly Mandros

Panoramic Digital Transformation
The course will provide an overview of the trends in disruptive models that are generating the 4.0 and Fintech 2.0 revolution, reviewing the evolution of digital trends, new disruptive models and the 4.0 revolution. It is also important to understand the concepts linked to the Share Economy and Block Chain. In the same way, examples of ventures will be reviewed through digital startups and the application of robotics, artificial intelligence and the use of chat bots.

Introduction to Fintech Services Design
Explain the efficiencies and productivity of the digital transformation within the context of the strategic planning of the businesses and products of the Financial Institutions, generating the student the analysis of the business processes through the generation of digital mappings (As Is) from the perspective of Value chains and Value Stream Mapping detecting opportunities for improvement. Applying the Administration of new products and Services (Product Marketing Managemennt), as well as the APP / web Business Planning, Usability, User experience, Journey Mapping, Planning, Sketching, Wireframe and Back End Systems.

Innovation and Agile Methodologies: Design Thinking, Scrum and Google
The course focuses on providing the student with the tools for the application of the new methodologies that drive innovation both in the execution and in the procedures of the organizations, leading to its transformation into agile processes. Analyzing the challenges and ideas that lead to Business Innovation, as well as the strategies and use of the Problem Solvin, Trends, Whitespaces and main related concepts. Likewise, the main agile methodologies will be reviewed: Design Thinking, Scrum and How Google Works.

Fintech Business Models
This course will review the main Fintech business models and their various forms of operations, as well as the concepts related to Open Banking, Crypto currencies, assets and currencies. Similarly, Business Case focused on Fintech and the legal implications of brands and patents in the environment will be analyzed.

Fintech Business Processes
The constant development and evolution of processes, driven by globalization and uses of process-focused innovations, lead to a more extensive use in the field of organizations under this format. Companies focusing on Fintech processes, BPM Cases, Business Process Artifacts, as well as the use of digital apps, SLAs, DRP, Fintech process models and the use of automation in the organization’s nuclear processes will be reviewed

Human Factor in Fintech
The transformation of organizations and the use of new technologies, as well as the development of digital ecosystems, must also be strongly linked to a cultural change by organizations. This course will analyze change management (change management), multi generation operations, as well as strategies to develop high performance teams, organizational behavior and leadership models focused on Fintech organizations.

Presentation of Projects and Final Messages
Students will present to the forum their personal project developed throughout the course in a sales pitch, also demonstrating the application of the knowledge acquired in all modules by integrating a final project folder that will be delivered to the teacher. In which you will apply the methodologies, tools and terminology reviewed in the previous courses.


The admission process to this program is open throughout the year. Your application is processed in approximately two weeks, as long as you comply with the documents requested by the Admission Office.

  • Two or more years of experience in executives positions related to Management of process mapping tools.
  • Simple copy of the ID (both sides), or Immigration Card or Passport, in the case of foreign applicants.
  • Undocumented curriculum vitae and scanned photo (passport size, resolution not less than 300 dpi, with jacket suit and tie, white background).


  • The prices and conditions of the program are subject to variation.
  • The cost of the program includes: Issuance of the Certificate by CENTRUM and the Diploma by the TEC of Monterrey
  • The cost of the program does not include: Issuance of additional certificates, proof of grades, academic agenda, proof of participation, or any others.

Documents reception

Send your documents or request more information to:

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Claudia Falla

Ivette Miranda

Amberly Mandros

Achieving studies CENTRUM PUCP Business School is a very important personal decision that involves evaluating, known and accepted, among others, academic, economic, administrative and disciplinary conditions to be met throughout their period of studies, the degree of commitment and dedication necessary to successfully complete this great professional project. That is why, it is necessary to know the content of the following standards as well as take into account its importance, before starting the admission process. With the start of the admissions process, you acknowledge and accept this standard, and that from that moment can not be alleged ignorance of it.


Clara Rosselló

Professor Rosselló is a Master of Business Administration in General and Strategic Management, Maastricht School of Management, The Netherlands. Master in Strategic Business Administration, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. B.A. in Graphic Arts, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. She has international certifications among which stand out: CPCL Harvard Business School, Boston, USA; International Master in Leadership EADA Business School, Barcelona, Spain; Executive Program Customer Experience IE Business School, Madrid, Spain; International Program for Board Members EADA Business School, Barcelona, Spain. To date she is a member of the “Steering Committee” of the EFMD Americas Conference 2019-2021.

She has been Corporate Image Manager of Unique-Yanbal International for Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico and USA; Marketing Manager of Unique-Peru. He is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of Comacsa, a leading non-metallic mining company in Peru, and a board member of Fundición Americana S.A. She is a specialist in Corporate Image, Marketing Management, Business Communication and Strategic Planning.