• First Program in Peru to CERTIFY Commercial Managers for the new era of virtual B2B businesses.
  • You will learn to manage B2B business from the hand of the best academic exponents, as well as successful executives from renowned Peruvian B2B companies.
  • You will acquire skills and strategies to guide your Work Team, so that it can negotiate by value and not just by price.

The Program is structured so that participants can incorporate modern management skills through the development of available digital tools and strategies that allow them to adequately face new market challenges.

Program developed in 40 teaching hours designed based on lectures given by excellent professors and leading professionals in the B2B industry, actively participating in sessions and presenting cases focused on B2B.

Senior Management Program that will be developed in partnership between CENTRUM PUCP and B2B Sales & Networking Institute, a private organization that brings together successful business executives who work in the most recognized B2B companies in Peru.

CENTRUM PUCP may make changes in the curricula, sequence of courses or teachers, according to its policy of continuous improvement. If the required quorum is not met, CENTRUM PUCP reserves the right to postpone the start of courses and programs.





WEEKLY 40 teaching hours
Wednesday and Friday from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
04 Nov 2020
S/. 5,300    


  • Certification Program for B2B Commercial Management, granted by CENTRUM PUCP.
  • B2B Business Skills Development Certificate, awarded by the B2B Sales & Networking Institute.


Key Account Managers, Heads of Sales and Business Managers focused on B2B business transactions.


This program seeks to promote the construction of knowledge through synchronous activities where the active participation of all members in a cooperative and open way towards the exchange of ideas of the group is essential, fostering an enriching dynamic between the presentations of the professor or exhibitors, who will also be from the B2B Sales & Networking Institute, presenting cases focused on B2B, and the contributions of the participants through virtual sessions.


Synchronous Virtual Classroom


Adriana Durán

Maribel Luz Osorio

  • You will acquire skills to convert the competitive advantages that your company has developed into tangible benefits that are consistently reflected in the financial statements of your clients.
  • You will develop high impact innovative strategies to be able to successfully face the new challenges of the B2B market.
  • You will generate a very valuable networking between all the participants.
CENTRUM PUCP may make changes in the curricula, sequence of courses or teachers, according to its policy of continuous improvement. If the required quorum is not met, CENTRUM PUCP reserves the right to postpone the start of courses and programs.

Current Situation and Trends of the B2B Market Wednesday, November 4 19:00 – 20:00 SOCIAL SELLING
20:00 – 21:00 PERSONAL BRAND
Friday, November 6 19:00 – 20:00 STRATEGIC NETWORKING
20:00 – 21:00 SUCCESS STORIES
Strategies to understand the B2B Decision Map Wednesday, November 11 19:00 – 20:00 CORPORATE B2B
20:00 – 21:00 INDUSTRIAL B2B
Friday, November 13 19:00 – 20:00 B2B GOVERNMENT
20:00 – 21:00 QUESTION SESSION
Wednesday, November 18 Miércoles 18 de noviembre 19:00 – 21:00 CANVAS BUSINESS MODEL WORKSHOP
Friday, November 20 19:00 – 20:00 CANVAS BUSINESS WORKSHOP
Commercial Management by Processes in the B2B Wednesday, November 25 19:00 – 20:00 STRUCTURING B2B SALES PROCESSES
Friday November 27 19:00 – 20:00 CORE KPLs IN B2B SALES
20:00 – 21:00 QUESTION SESSION
Measuring Financial Results in B2B Sales Wednesday, December 2 19:00 – 21:00 HOW TO MEASURE FINANCIAL RESULTS
Friday, December 4 19:00 – 21:00 HOW TO MEASURE FINANCIAL RESULTS
LinkedIn applied to B2B Businesses Wednesday, December 9 19:00 – 21:00 LINKEDIN WORKSHOP APPLIED TO B2B BUSINESSES
Transformative Role of the New B2B Commercial Manager Wednesday, December 16 19:00 – 21:00 TRANSFORMING ROLE OF THE NEW B2B COMMERCIAL MANAGER
Promoting Successful Negotiation Skills Friday, January 15 19:00 – 20:00 NON-VERBAL OR BODY LANGUAGE
Wednesday, January 20 19:00 – 20:00 NEGOTIATION STRATEGY
20:00 – 21:00 ROLE PLAY
B2B Consultative Sales Process Friday January 22 19:00 – 21:00 B2B CONSULTATIVE SALES PROCESS
Wednesday, January 27 20:00 – 21:00 B2B CONSULTATIVE SALES PROCESS
Strategy to Communicate Value Friday, January 29 19:00 – 21:00 STRATEGIES TO COMMUNICATE VALUE
Wednesday, February 3 19:00 – 21:00 STRATEGIES TO COMMUNICATE VALUE

    • Current situation and Trends of the B2B Market
      Participants will acquire skills to deploy their Social Selling strategy and develop their Digital Brand. Attendees will be able to design their differentiation strategy for valuable content, publication tactics and long-term prospect acquisition through positioning as a leading expert in their market segment. They will analyze the use of social selling, personal branding and networking in commercial business management focused on companies.
    • Strategies to understand the B2B Decision Map
      Students will develop their abilities to build relationships from the bottom to the top of the organization, understand the structure behind decision-making, and establish effective multi-channel communication of their Value Proposition to all decision makers involved. Reviewing the approach to B2B business from a corporate, industry and government perspective.
    • Canvas Business Model
      Participants must acquire skills to develop robust Value Proposals oriented to satisfy a significant need of their customers, in such a way that they make their competitors irrelevant and the purchase decision does not focus on price. The Canvas business model provides an agile and effective methodology to articulate this indispensable B2B differentiation strategy.
    • Commercial Management by Processes in the B2B
      The assistant must have the skills to dive into and understand the purchasing logic of their customers, in order to structure a sales process fully aligned with their customers’ purchase decision process. Once the sales process is defined, it must be incorporated into the CRM along with the core KPIs for monitoring, measurement and progress of the management of your Work Team.
    • Measuring Financial Results in B2B Sales
      The participant must have the ability to carry out a solid financial analysis of a business proposal and a relationship with the client from a value perspective. Students will have casuistry that will allow them to understand and later apply financial tools such as projection of results, operational and financial lever, pricing and valuation.
    • LinkedIn applied to B2B Business
      The participant has to develop a powerful professional profile on LinkedIn to position himself as a benchmark in the market by publishing valuable content, which makes it easier for him to incorporate the key decision-makers of his target market into his network of contacts, to enhance prospecting and lead generation. Reviewing the strategies and usability of digital networking, prospecting and lead generation, as well as the value offer through this medium.
    • Transformative Role of the New B2B Commercial Manager
      Participants will also learn techniques and tools that help them achieve the expected results through a deeper knowledge of themselves and the development of active listening, effective communication, the generation of trust and commitment in their teams, and the management of their own emotions in order to optimize their performance and that of their dependents.
    • Fostering Successful Negotiation Skills
      Participants must develop skills to negotiate and create value for their company, assertively handling the claims of the other party in order to neutralize them and seek the appropriate opportunity to strengthen their claim position, which leads both parties towards reaching a win-win agreement. For which they will use and analyze body language, assertiveness and negotiation strategies according to the receiver.
    • B2B Consultative Sales Process
      Participants will acquire the skills to dive deep into the production chain of their prospects, in order to understand the motivations and needs that drive them to start a purchasing process, in order to align their B2B Consultative Sales Process to develop a Value Proposition that meets those needs in a highly differentiated way.
    • Strategy to Communicate Value
      Participants will acquire skills to convert the competitive advantages that their company has developed into tangible benefits that are consistently reflected in the financial statements of their clients, so that the client perceives them as a strategic partner of their company. With which they will be able to create strategies focused on capturing value in the market, differentiation in the minds of buyers and application of value components in B2B sales.


David Díaz Robisco
Spanish professional expert in Social Selling, with extensive experience in business resilience and innovation to align with the new demands of the B2B market. Focused on making simple what seems complicated, with an entrepreneurial mindset to share his professional experience with Management Committees to help you design the methodology to make better decisions and achieve your goals. With extensive entrepreneurial experience that allowed him to build a business from zero to 11.7 million euros in just 6 years, as well as driving a company in the food segment that was in the process of losses, towards generating profits with an annual turnover of 30 million of euros.
Giancarlo Pierre Palacios Sánchez
Sales, B2B Marketing and Strategic Networking Specialist He has worked for Grupo El Comercio, Grupo La República, Lima Chamber of Commerce, Exporters Association, BCP, among other top-level companies. In all these organizations I performed in purely commercial functions (B2B). He is currently the General Director of Business Nights Peru, the most important company that promotes networking for businessmen and professionals in the country, this platform has attracted the attention of important speakers and businessmen at a national and international level. In addition, he is General Director of the B2B Sales & Networking Institute, the Institute specialized in B2B sales and marketing.
Juan José Tirado Gamarra
With more than twenty-five years of experience, he served as Director at Ynnovadores, Career Coordinator for Advertising Sciences, Marketing & New Technologies at the Instituto Peruano de Publicidad – IPP, Senior Director Consumer Engagement at LLYC, General General of LatinBrands, Vice President of Carat Peru , CEO of Neu Peru, Business Vice President at FCBMayo affiliated with Draft FCB, Partner at Latina Communications Group, Digital Business Consultant at El Comercio and Account Director at Publicis Peru. Jury, on several occasions, for the EFFIE awards, where he also won awards for campaigns in La Tinka, Dento and Telefónica. He currently dedicates his time to teaching. Main accounts: Pilsen Callao, BBVA Continental, Alicorp, Kraft, Telefónica, Samsung, Red Bull, D’onofrio, Castrol, Intradevco, Mifarma, Divemotor (Mercedes Benz, Jeep, Dodge, Fiat), Inkafarma, McDonald’s, Tekno, La Tinka .
Cosme Mauricio Robalino Vásconez
Head of Caduceo Internacional for Peru and Managing Director of RST S.A.C, He was General Manager of La Llave. Previously, he chaired the Board of Directors of IBM Ecuador. His experience includes active business development in Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela. He was General Manager of IBM for Ecuador. He has directed the following organizations: the Ecuadorian-American Chamber of Commerce, the Federation of Binational Chambers of Commerce in Ecuador, the Ecuadorian Total Quality Corporation, and served as Vice President of AACCLA and board member of Fe y Alegría of Ecuador. He is a frequent keynote speaker at international events and has served as a “pro bono” professor at various universities, teaching in areas such as technology, business and ethics, and has also written articles related to these topics.
Adrian Javier Gerard Bressi
Former General Manager and Managing Director of Sandvik Peru and Sandvik Colombia. More than 20 years of experience in B2B business and reorganization of Companies in Latin America. Independent Consultant, expert in Business Organization, B2B Business, trainer in Complex and High Value Sales. Leader Trainer. He is currently the General Manager of Johnson Controls Peru.
Carlos Alfredo Barrientos Gonzáles
He is an administrator of the PUCP with a master’s degree in CENTRUM PUCP and business and strategy courses abroad. He has more than 20 years of professional experience related to B2B mainly and serving the mining, construction and other industries markets. He has held commercial management positions and also as general manager. He is currently an independent director of a transport company specialized in dangerous cargo and advises companies on commercial strategy, business development and planning and CEO of PETROPERU.
Huáscar Moisés Ezcurra De la Vega
Professional with extensive experience in management and business management in the service sector, expert in agile methodologies for innovation (Design Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas, Lean Startup, Scrum), certified facilitator of the Lego® methodology Serious Play®, businessman, postgraduate professor in Barcelona (Spain) and Lima (Peru), lecturer and speaker, as well as collaborator and mentor in events related to entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.
Galo Fernando Puente Viteri
Senior business-to-business executive, focused on innovation and development of new markets in national and transnational Latin American companies. Specialized in the implementation of consultative sales processes, business management by processes (BPM) and use of digital tools for management (CRM / SS / IA) aligned to the promotion of high performance skills in B2B commercial teams.
Alan Esteban Sablich Nairn
Marketing Manager since 2015. In 2018, he also assumed the leadership of Ferreyros Digital Businesses, leading the digital transformation within the company, with solutions such as online sales, mobile applications, equipment connectivity, artificial intelligence, among others. Previously, he served as Commercial Support Manager since 2013, providing support to the business areas in CRM and Business Intelligence. Prior to joining Ferreyros, he held leadership positions in different national and international companies, having led the areas of Digital Strategy at Belcorp, Relationship and Digital Marketing at Ripley, CRM at General Electric Australia and Business Intelligence at Soluziona Peru and Spain. where he led several consulting projects in different countries.
Carlos Ernesto Alcántara Calero
Graduated from the Faculty of Systems Engineering at the San Martín de Porres University, excellent management of strategic skills in sales, negotiation and management of B2B commercial teams. With extensive experience in the Corporate Commercial area, clear orientation to innovation and the development of new business verticals. Responsible for the design and implementation of B2B marketing strategies for new value-added products and services developed by Visanet for the corporate and government segment. Commercial Manager at Visanet del Peru, a leading company in the payment means sector, acquirer of the VISA brand in Peru.
Juan O´Brien Cáceres
Academic experience at the Postgraduate level in Peru, Colombia and Spain; Areas of Corporate Finance, Capital Markets and Financial Engineering (since 2004). Experience in consulting in Strategic Planning in companies of the Public and Private sector (since 2005), in business valuation, valuation of intangibles and financial planning. (since 1996). In the purchase and sale of companies and venture capital operations. (since 2006). Team Lead at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. EdTech Entrepreneur. CENTRUM PUCP Distinguished Professor.Director of the Service, Construction and Energy Sector Companies.Current main research topic is brand valuation and intangibles.
Miguel Enrique Figueroa Ingunza
Non-Verbal Language Analyst, Biologist specializing in Human Behavior and Neurocommunication. With a master’s degree in Work and Organization Psychology, Postgraduate in Micro-expressions and non-verbal language. CEO of La Neurona Reina, a company dedicated to the development of soft skills, organizational climate, teamwork and leadership. He has published the book “Break fear and speak in public. Secrets of non-verbal language ”. Professor of creativity and Public Speaking at the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UPC). International lecturer on topics of neurocommunication, neuro-oratory, storytelling and non-verbal language. Winner of the International Festival of the British Peruvian Cultural Center “Cuéntamelo 2009”.
Hans Gunther Beuermann Mendoza
He has more than 10 years of experience in human talent management. He has served as Advisor in the Vice-Ministerial Office of Benefits and Health Insurance, in the Ministry of Health of Peru; as Deputy Director of Senior Management and Consulting Programs at CENTRUM PUCP Business School; and as Personnel Manager for Business Areas at BBVA Continental.
Nelson Portugal Roman
He is a personal development consultant and author of the book “El Círculo de Crecimiento”. He finished his career as an International Business Administrator and has been a Professor of Psychology.He currently advises executives in the development of managerial skills and, entrepreneurs, in the growth of their businesses.
Francisco Galdos Anduaga
He is the general manager of Novopan Peru and a member of the board of the Peru-Ecuador Business Council. He was general manager of CCR Peru, general manager of ISM Brazil. Previously, he worked for several years at Coca-Cola Company occupying various positions of increasing responsibility, becoming manager of New Products Operations for Peru-Bolivia-Paraguay and Uruguay. Francisco is an industrial engineer from the University of Lima and an MBA from the Adolfo Ibáñez University, of Chile. On a sports level, Francisco has practiced rock and ice climbing for several years. He has actively participated in triathlons (Complete Ironman Distance and 70.3) and has finished the New York marathon twice. He currently practices mountain biking and calisthenics.


Key Account Managers, Heads of Sales and Business Managers focused on B2B business transactions.


Documents required for your registration

  • Registration form duly filled Go to the form
  • Curriculum Vitae not documented (the applicant’s profile will be reviewed by the Admission Committee if required)



  • The prices and conditions of the program are subject to variation.
  • The cost of the program includes: issuance of the CENTRUM PUCP Diploma
  • The cost of the program does not include: Issuance of certificates, transcripts, academic mesh and participation, or others.


Ask for all the information you need, we care about ensuring that you achieve academic and professional success.

Adriana Durán
Maribel Luz Osorio


Clara Rosselló

Professor Rosselló is a Master of Business Administration in General and Strategic Management, Maastricht School of Management, The Netherlands. Master in Strategic Business Administration, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. B.A. in Graphic Arts, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. She has international certifications among which stand out: CPCL Harvard Business School, Boston, USA; International Master in Leadership EADA Business School, Barcelona, Spain; Executive Program Customer Experience IE Business School, Madrid, Spain; International Program for Board Members EADA Business School, Barcelona, Spain. To date she is a member of the “Steering Committee” of the EFMD Americas Conference 2019-2021.

She has been Corporate Image Manager of Unique-Yanbal International for Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico and USA; Marketing Manager of Unique-Peru. He is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of Comacsa, a leading non-metallic mining company in Peru, and a board member of Fundición Americana S.A. She is a specialist in Corporate Image, Marketing Management, Business Communication and Strategic Planning.