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  • Three consecutive days
  • Duration: 24 hours
  • Dual Simultaneous Certification

The Certification in Customer Experience, Design & Management will allow the participant to learn to design a Customer Experience (CX) strategy, implementing the comprehensive XCUSTOMER 360® customer experience management model, using cutting-edge tools such as the Customer Journey Map and the CX Blueprint and analyzed how the implementation of a Customer Experience strategy positively influences the economic results (profitability) of the company.






Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. at 6:30 p.m.

Final work : Monday, April 20
12 Mar 2020
S/. 3,600    


  • Involve and generate commitment in the entire team of the company developing the Xcustomer360 Management Model.
  • Know and learn to use cutting-edge tools related to the design, management and measurement of the experience of the clients.
  • Apply what you have learned by doing a supervised final job until the final presentation.


  • Managers and executives in the areas of customer experience or customer experience, customer service, marketing, operations and sales and in general any area that directly or indirectly impacts the experience of customers, who have an interest in learning to design a Customer experience strategy in their organizations.
  • The public in general, that has a relationship and interest to be updated in the new trends in the design of the customer experience.


Dual Simultaneous Certification

  • CXDM Customer Experience Design & Management certification, granted by XCustomer360
  • Certification: Training course in Customer Experience Design & Management, granted by CENTRUM PUCP


San Isidro


Learn to design a Customer Experience (CX) strategy by implementing the comprehensive XCustomer 360 ° customer experience management model. Learn how to use cutting-edge tools such as the Customer Journey Map and the CX Blueprint, how to define the standards based on what the customer values ​​most and the indicators (KPI’s) that allow measuring and controlling compliance with the defined strategy.

  • Introduction to Customer Experience. Analysis of real cases of different industries in the world
  • Model of design, management and measurement of the customer experience XCUSTOMER 360
  • Employee Experience: The Internal Journey Map
  • Empathy maps and customer archetypes
  • CX Tools Design and interpretation of Customer Journey Map and CX Blueprint
  • CX Metrics Standards, Indicators, Metrics and CX Dashboard
  • Profitability of a Customer Experience strategy
  • CX in practice Final work applied in the company


Rodrigo Fernández
de Paredes Alegría
  • CX & EX Speaker and international advisor with 18 years of experience leading projects of: customer experience, employee experience, CRM among other topics.
  • Author of the book ‘Building Xperiences’ one of the first books specialized in Customer Experience in Latin America.
  • Advisor to companies such as: The Ritz-Carlton (Spain), Grupo Uribe, Cueros Vélez, Banco Davivienda (Colombia), ARS Humano (Dominican Rep.), Argos (Panama, Honduras and Dominican Rep.), Banco del Pacífico, Aeropuerto de Galapagos and Claro (Ecuador), Belcorp, Ferreyros, Unimaq, Pardos Chicken, Hotel SUMAQ Machu Picchu, ETNA, Contugas, CERTUS, ICPNA, among others (Peru).
  • He designed and dictates the Customer Experience Design & Management (CXDM) Certification program, which has been carried out in 10 countries, as well as the Customer Experience programs of the Universidad de los Andes (Colombia) and CENTRUM PUCP (Peru).
  • Co-creator of the customer experience measurement software and collaborators Xcustomer360.
  • Creator of the comprehensive XCUSTOMER 360® customer experience model
  • EXMA Speaker and head of the organization of the 1st CX Day Peru by EXMA, in partnership with CENTRUM PUCP and EXMA.




  • The cost of the program does not include extraordinary academic rights.
  • The prices and conditions of the program are subject to variation.
  • The certificate awarded upon successful completion of the course will be VIRTUAL.


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