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Dr. Sergio Chion

Professor / Researcher

Stanford University


Professor Chion holds a Ph.D. and a Master of Science in Engineering-Economic Systems from Stanford University, USA, and an undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru.



Professor Chion has been the editor of the Macroquantum Confidential Report, a monthly report on the situation of the Peruvian economy. He has been a board member of the National Supervisory Commission for Companies and Securities (CONASEV); adviser to two ministers in the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Peru, to a minister in the Ministre of Health of Peru, Senior Advisor in the Vice Ministry of Commerce, Advisor to the Peruvian Association of Insurance Companies (APESEG) of the Superintendency of Banking and Insurance (SBS), and various insurance companies. He is the creator of the rule solvency margin which currently regulates the insurance of Peru. He is the founding partner, board member and senior consultant at Econsult S.A. and Macroquantum; as well as consultant for the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the World Bank. Since 2005, he is full professor and researcher at CENTRUM Católica. In CENTRUM, Professor Chion has been Director of the DBA program, member of the different DBA committee, editor of the Journal of CENTRUM Cathedra, Coordinator of the research group on Education on Management. He teaches regularly at the DBA program of CENTRUM.  Professor Chión is Renacyt registered researcher in Conacyt and publishes regularly at main international academic journals. He is the author of two books: Data Analytics for the structural Modeling and Fixed-Income Portfolio Management. He also publishes regularly in mass media and through CENTRUM Think.



  • Macroeconomics and Finance
  • Mathematical modeling, Markovian models and Game Theory
  • Strategic Thinking



Professor Chión is the author and coauthor of several peer-reviewed papers published in top-ranked journals, as well as book and book chapters, such as:

  • Baño, M., Chión, S., & Barriga, R. (2020). The Intention of Indebtedness with a Credit Card, an Application of the Theory of Planned Behaviour. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 11(2), 50-63.
  • Chión, S., & Vincent, C. (2019). Managing traffic behavior: A theoretical examination of aggressive driving through a Markovian model. Operations Research and Decisions(2), 5-20.
  • Chión, S., Vincent, C., & Morales, J. (2019). The impact of organizational culture, organizational structure, and technological infrastructure on process improvement through knowledge sharing. Business Process Management Journal.
  • Chión, S., & Muñoz, F. (in press). Influence of indirect internal stakeholders on the performance of strategic projects: Understanding the behavior of projects in universities in Bogota. To appear in International Journal of Project Organisation and Management.
  • Chión, S., & Vincent, C. (2018). The risk and reward management in innovation portfolios: A Markovian approach. Croatian Operational Research Review, 9(2), 165-182.
  • Chión, S., Vincent, C., & Tavana, M. (2018). Impact of incentive schemes and personality-tradeoffs on two-agent coopetition with numerical estimations. Measurement, 125, 182-195.
  • Chión, S., & Véliz, C. (2008). On the normality of stock return distributions: Latin American markets, 2000-2007. Journal of CENTRUM Cathedra, 1(2), 90-108.



Professor Chión currently is the Director of the Business Education Research Center, Professor and Researcher at CENTRUM PUCP Business School.