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Dr. Rolando Arellano

Professor / Researcher

Université de Grenoble


Professor Arellano is Doctor d’Etat in Quantitative Marketing, University of Grenoble, France. He is Masters in Administration ESAN, Peru and Bachelor of Psychology, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru. He has completed a Diploma in Advanced Studies in Management, University of Grenoble, France.


Regarding professional experience, he is Chairman of the firm Arellano Marketing and was President of the Peruvian Society of Marketing. He has been consultant for USAID (United States Agency for International Development), CIDA (Canadian Agency for International Development), Ministry of Industries of Canada, CONAPRI (National Council for Promotion of Private Investment) of Venezuela, FENALCO (National Federation of Merchants ) of Colombia, IDB (Interamerican Development Bank), CONASEV (National Supervisory Commission for Companies and Securities), National Bank of Peru, INDECOPI (National Institute for the Defense of Competition and Protection of Intellectual Property), ADEX (Exporters Association), among others. He has developed an extensive career as a consultant on marketing issues in various Peruvian and foreign companies. He specializes in marketing and market research in developing countries, marketing for social development and international marketing strategies. He runs the consulting firm Arellano Marketing Research, which is a leading firm in market segmentation, product testing, consumer behavior, advertising campaign evaluation, among others. He is an associate preofessor of the Université Laval, Quebec, Canada.


In connection with its intellectual production, he has published several books, among which we can mention:

  • “Marketing to live better” (Gestión 2000, 2013);
  • “Good, pretty and cheap. Marketing Latin Americans like” (Gestión 2000, 2013);
  • “Consumer behavior. Strategies and policies applied to marketing “(ESIC Editorial, 2012);
  • “ICT Marketing Computing” (Pearson Education, 2012);
  • “We are more than siesta and fiesta: Twelve Myths and Realities about Latin America” (Planeta, 2012);
  • “City of Kings, of Chavez, of Quispe” (Planeta, 2010);
  • “Marketing: Focus Latin America. Scientific marketing applied to Latin America “(Pearson Education, 2010);
  • “How to develop e-commerce in Peru” (PEARSON / CENTRUM Catholic, 2010);
  • “There is room in the middle” (Planeta, 2010); Good pretty and cheap. In bad weather, good marketing (Planeta, 2009);
  • “Good, pretty and cheap” Volumes I, II and III. (Planeta 2007 to 2008,
  • “City of Kings of Chavez …” (2004),
  • “Consumer Behavior: A Latin American approach” (McGraw Hill Latinoamerica, 2001),
  • “Consumer behavior: strategies and tactics applied to marketing” ( ESIC, 2000),
  • “Marketing: focus Latin America” (Mc Graw-Hill Latinoamericana, 2000),
  • “Les Enterprises Informelles dans le Monde” (Presses de l’Université Laval, 1994),
  • “Consumer Behavior and marketing: practical applications for Latin America “(Harper Row, 1993),
  • “Small and medium industries, vision of the entrepreneurs “(Editorial ESAN, 1989);
  • “Training manual export consortia “(Editorial ESAN, 1980), as well as articles in magazines, newspapers and several books.


He is currently Professor in the Academic Area of Marketing, Sales and Social Responsibility in CENTRUM Catolica Graduate Business School.