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PhD. Rocky Dwyer

Professor / Researcher

Capella University


Professor Dwyer, PhD in Management and Organizations, Capella University, Minneapolis, Minnesota; M.S. in Human Resources Management, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, USA.


Regarding his professional experience, he has been Director, Evaluation and Audit of Canada Firearms Centre and Assistant Professor in the Centre of Innovative Management at Athabasca University.


As for his intellectual production he is the author and co-author of refereed journals and prestigious among which we can mention:

  • “Competency-Based Training Program for International Students” (International Business Research, 2015);
  • “Telling a more credible performance story: Old wine in new bottles” (International Journal on Government Financial Management, 2010);
  • “Keen to Green organizations: A focussed rules approach to accountability” (Management Decision, 2009);
  • “Benchmarking as a process for demonstrating organizational trustworthiness?” (Management Decision, 2008);
  • “Alleviating poverty: How do we know the scope of the problem and when we have solved it?” (Management Decision, 2007);
  • “Adventure education? A new way to confront reality” (Development and Learning in Organizations An International Journal, 2006);
  • “Building and maintaining trust: The essential ingredient for organizational success” (Journal for Philosophical Practice, 2006);
  • “Utilizing points of differentiation to enhance competitiveness and growth – Some thoughts for consideration” (Management Digest, 2005);
  • “Career progression factors of Aboriginal executives in the Canada Federal Public Service” (Journal of Management Development, 2003);
  • “Evaluation of the Atlantic Canada Business Service Centres” (NB: Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, 2002);
  • “Final evaluation of the Nunavut infrastructure partnering arrangement” (ON: Department of Indian Affairs & Northern Development, 2001);
  • “Departmental Audit & Evaluation Branch Public Service Employee Survey action plan: A plan for the future” (Departmental Audit & Evaluation Branch, 2000);
  • “Planning report: Evaluation of the Nunavut unified human resources development strategy” (Department of Indian Affairs & Northern Development, 2000); among others.


Currently, Affiliate Professor at CENTRUM PUCP Business School.