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PhD. Raúl Hopkins

Professor / Researcher

University of London


Professor Hopkins is Ph. D. in Economics, University of London, UK. Master in Development Economics, University of Sussex, UK. Bachelor and Bachelor of Economics, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru.



With regards to his professional experience, he has served as a consultant for various international organizations among which we may include the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC); Oxfam International (United Kingdom); Department for International Development (DFID); The Overseas Development Institute (ODI); Novib (The Netherlands); Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).He has been lead investigator at the Institute of Peruvian Studies and professor at the Universidad Católica de Santa Maria de Arequipa, Universidad Agraria, Universidad Católica del Peru and University of London. He has been a trustee of the World University Service, member of the Executive Committee of the Institute of Peruvian Studies; and the Permanent Seminar on Agricultural Research (SEPIA). Now Vice-President of the Assembly of Members of Bartolome de las Casas Center (Cusco). During the period 2000-2010 he held the position of Regional Economist for Latin America and the Caribbean of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) United Nations (Rome).

His research interests include international finance; economic development; innovation, leadership and business performance (Latin America-Asia).



  • International finance
  • Economic development
  • Innovation
  • Leadership and business performance (Latin America-Asia)



In connection with his intellectual output he has written books and articles in international journals. Among them:

  • Hopkins, R., Rodríguez, M., & Rinaldi, M. (2013). Trends and potential uses of ICTs in Latin American and the Caribbean agriculture. In M. Rodrigues, A. Rodríguez (Ed.), Information and communication technologies for agricultural development in Latin America. Trends, barriers and policies (pp. 77-156). Santiago: Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), United Nations.
  • Hopkins, R., Paucarmayta, V., Sialer, J., Sotomayor, C., Vilcherrez, J., & Bustamante, R. (2013). Las cabinas de Internet como un instrumento de desarrollo e inclusión de los pueblos andinos del sur del Perú. In A. Paz, M. P. Montoya and R. Hopkins (Ed.), Escalando innovaciones rurales (pp. 259-278). Lima: IEP Instituto de Estudios Peruanos / IDRC / FIDA.
  • Hopkins, R. (2010). Nuevos espacios de interacción entre educación y proyectos de desarrollo rural. Reflexiones sobre las TICs a partir de experiencias recientes en Perú y Bolivia. In P. Ames & V. Caballero (Ed.), SEPIA XIII. El problema agrario en debate (pp. 113-135). Lima: SEPIA – Seminario Permanente de Investigación Agraria.
  • Hopkins, R. (2009). Nuevos espacios de interacción entre educación y proyectos de desarrollo rural. Reflexiones sobre las TICs a partir de experiencias recientes en Perú y Bolivia. Seminario de Investigación Agraria, SEPIA XIII. El problema agrario en debate. (pp. 27). Cusco.
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He is currently Professor and Researcher at CENTRUM PUCP Business School.