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PhD. Pankaj Madan

Professor / Researcher

Gurukul Kangri University


Professor Madan Is Ph.D in Management, Gurukul Kangri University, India; MBA, Devi Ahiya University, India. Master Program in Web Engineering and Database Technology, Electronics Research and Development Centre of India; Bachelor of Engineering, Ambedkar Marathwada University, India.


Regarding his professional experience, he has been Assistant Professor at the University of Southern Queensland in Dubai; Visiting Professor at Shaoxing University in China. He has also been Director COER School of Management and Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Management Studies Gurukul Kangri University in India. He has conducted more than 100 workshops Career Development Plan for young executives and students.


In connection with his intellectual production, he has written articles

  • “Affect of Perceived Barrier to Entrepreneurship on the Career Choice Decisions of the Students: A study of Uttarakhand State, India” (Business and Economic Horizons, 2013);
  • “An Empirical study of Quality management practices of ISO Certified and Non ISO certified MSMEs of India” (Amity Business Journal, 2013);
  • “Corporate Governance Practices, Transparency and Performance of Indian Companies” (The IUP Journal of Corporate Governance, 2013);
  • “Perceived barriers to youth entrepreneurship – A study of Uttarakhand state, India” (VIVECHAN-International Journal of Research, 2013);
  • “Board Composition, Ownership structure and Firm Performance” (Journal of Economics and Business Studies, 2013);
  • “Quality readiness and growth of Indian micro, small and medium enterprises” (Journal of Quality Engineering and Technology, 2013);
  • “Determining the Order of Preference of Shoppers towards Drivers of Store Choice” (IJMIE, 2013);
  • “Implementing a Functional ISO 9000 Quality Management System in MSMEs” (Indian Journal of Management Science, 2012);
  • “Security Effect of B2B and B2C Operations using 3G M-Commerce Operations” (International Journal of Computer Applications, 2012);
  • “Analysis of Trade Performance of India and China in MSME Sector” (Journal of Institute of Environment and Management, 2012);
  • “Factors Influencing B2C M-commerce Satisfaction and Trust towards M-Commerce Service Providers” (Journal of Pure and Applied Science and Technology, 2012);
  • “Innovation for Organizational Transformation and Changes: Framework for Research” (Vivechan International Journal of Research, 2011);
  • “Capability Development of Customers: A Globally Viable Business Strategy for the Coming Age” (Journal of Strategic Information Technology and Applications, 2011);
  • “Impact of Security in 3G (third generation) M Commerce Applications for B2B and B2C Operations” (Journal of Pure and Applied Science and Technology, 2011);
  • “Best Practices of Quality Management in MSME of Uttar Pradesh-Few Case Studies” (Asian Journal of Management Research, 2011);
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  • “Factor Analyzing the store attributes to identify key components of store image: A study of some selected apparel stores in India” (IJMMR, 2011);
  • “Evaluation of Market Readiness of Medium and Small Scale Non Profit Organizations in Northern India” (Journal of Centrum Cathedra, 2009); among others.

His book “Personality Development and Career Planning Exercises” was listed among the top best sellers in the self-improvement section of India Today Book Club 2003.


He is currently Affiliated Professor at CENTRUM PUCP Business School and he is in charge of the University Placement Cell.