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PhD. Mohammad Zadeh

Professor / Researcher

Sharif University of Technology


Professor Mohammad holds a Ph.D. and a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from Sharif University of Technology, and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran. He is also a PMP certified professional.



Professor Mohammad has been an Associate Professor at the Science and Research University, Tehran, Iran, where he taught industrial management courses, and Head of Department of Industrial Engineering at the Science and Research University. He has also been the EPC Project Coordinator of NG Compressor / CO2 Turbo Compressor package for Lordegan Petrochemical Company, Project Officer and Assistant for several EPC global projects, Customer Relationship Manager of Talachin Industry Company, and Marketing Manager of Kia Manufacturing Company.



  • Strategy
  • Emerging economies



Professor Mohammad has authored and coauthored the following research papers, which are published in top ranked peer-reviewed journals:

  • Shakib Zohrehvandi, Mohammad Khalilzadeh, and Madjid Sabzehparvar. APRT-FMEA buffer sizing method in project scheduling of a wind farm project construction, Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management Journal, Accepted Article.
  • Somayyeh Mirzaei Khezri, Mehdi Bashiri, Roya Soltani, and Mohammad Khalilzadeh. A mathematical model for the capacitated location-arc routing problem with deadlines and heterogenous, Transport, Accepted Article.
  • Mohammad Khalilzadeh, Arya Karami, and Alborz Hajikhani. The Multi-Objective Supplier Selection Problem with Fuzzy Parameters and Solving the Order Allocation Problem with Coverage”, Journal of Modelling in Management, Accepted Article.
  • Mahdiyeh Mahjoub, Shiva Atashsokhan, Mohammad Khalilzadeh, Akbar Aghajanloo, and Shakib Zohrehvandi. Linking project success and “strategic talent Management: satisfaction/motivation and organizational, Procedia Computer Science, Accepted Article.
  • Shakib Zohrehvandi, Mehrdad Javadi, Mohammad Khalilzadeh, Esmail Cheraghi, and Mahdiyeh Mahjoub. Role of information cycles in construction of a wind farm power plant project, Procedia Computer Science, Accepted Article.
  • Sayyid ali Banihashemi, and Mohammad Khalilzadeh. Sensitivity analysis for estimating cost of project execution with EVM technique by considering quality and risk factors, Iranian Journal of Trade Studies, Accepted Article.
  • Mohammad Khalilzadeh, Morteza Vasei, Davood Sedighizadeh, Mohammad Reza Pashapour, and Hedieh Shakeri. Investigating the causal relationships between critical factors in tax fraud in Iran using group ANP and fuzzy DEMATEL, Journal of Development Evolution Management, Accepted Article.
  • Mohammad Khalilzadeh, Hedieh Shakeri, and Mohammad Karimi Meshkani. A fuzzy model for location-routing problem in perishable food supply chain, Trade Investigations, Accepted Article.
  • Mohammad Khalilzadeh, Morteza Vasei, and Hedieh Shakeri. Performance evaluation of privatized governmental organization in Iran, Trade Investigations, Accepted Article.
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Professor Mohammad currently is a Professor and Researcher at CENTRUM PUCP.



  • 2018 Most Cited Articles of Safety Science on Elsevier, for the paper entitled “Risk evaluation using a novel hybrid method based on FMEA, extended MULTIMOORA, and AHP methods under fuzzy environment”.