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Dr. Mirza Cequea

Professor / Researcher

Universidad Politécnica De Madrid


Professor Mirza Cequea has a Doctorate in Business Administration from Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain, and a Master’s degree in Management from Universidad Nacional Experimental de Guayana, Venezuela. She is a specialist in operations and production from Universidad Nacional Experimental de Guayana, Venezuela, and holds an Engineering undergraduate degree from Universidad Nacional Experimental Politécnica Antonio José de Sucre, Venezuela. She has conducted post-doctoral studies in epistemology at Euroamerican Learning University, Curaçao and the International Center for Advanced Studies, Ciea-Sypal, Venezuela.



Professor Cequea has worked as the Coordinator of the Doctoral Academic Committee of Industrial Engineering, and the Doctoral degree in Engineering Sciences at Universidad Nacional Experimental Politécnica Antonio José de Sucre. She has also worked at the Office of the University’s Vice President, Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela.  Professor Cequea has also been the Head of the Maintenance Engineering Department at Caruachi Plant, C.V.G. Electrificación del Caroní, C.A., (EDELCA), Venezuela. Professor Cequea has been the representative of the Quality Management System division, Venezuelan COVENIN ISO 9001:2000 standard, EDELCA Production division, Venezuela. She has been Managing Director of Caruachi Plant division, Coordinator of the Operation and Maintenance Committee at Caruachi Plant division, and Coordinator of the Health and Industrial Safety Committee at Caruachi Plant division.



She is the author of the following books:

  • Cequea, M. M., & Rodríguez, C. (2012). Productividad y factores humanos. Un modelo con ecuaciones estructurales. Interciencia, 37(2), 121-127.
  • Cequea, M. M., Núñez, M., & Rodríguez-Monroy, C. (2011). Factores grupales que inciden en la productividad. Universidad, Ciencia y Tecnología, 15(61), 223-231.
  • Cequea, M. M., & Núñez, M. (2011). Factores humanos y su influencia en la productividad. Revista Venezolana de Gerencia, 16(53), 116-137.
  • Cequea, M. M., Rodríguez, C., & Núñez, M. (2011). La productividad desde una perspectiva humana: Dimensiones y factores. Intangible Capital, 7(2), 549-584.



She currently is a Professor and Researcher at the Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management Department at CENTRUM PUCP Business School.