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PhD. Marcelo Dabós

Professor / Researcher

The University of Chicago


Doctor (Ph.D.) in Economics from the University of Chicago, USA; Master in Business Administration MBA from IAE (Austral University), Argentina; BA in Economics from the Catholic University of Argentina.


Regarding his professional experience, he has been Senior Coordinator of the Study “Sources of non-bank financing to the private sector in MERCOSUR; Director of the Department of Economics, Member of Supreme Council and full-time professor in the Department of Economics, University of San Andrés.


As for his intellectual production he is author and co – author of articles published in refereed and Category ISI magazines, among which we can mention:”Finance and economic growth: new evidence from time series analysis (1961-2009) (Applied Economics Letters, 2013);”A Fragile Link? A New Empirical Analysis of the Relationship between Financial Development and Economic Growth, Publicado como Working Paper Nº 2010 – 013 Becker Milton Friedman Institute, Department of Economics, The University of Chicago;”Finance, institutional quality and growth (1961 -2005)” (Journal of Applied Economics, 2013 ); “Reassessing the impact of financial development on economic growth and its sources” Economic Essays, Banco Central de la República Argentina No. 60 (2010);”Explaining and Predicting Bank Failure in Argentina using Duration Models (Revista de Análisis Económico, 2004); “Term Structure of Interest Rates Changes during International Financial Crises: The case of Argentina vs. USA con Federico Bugallo, (Euro-Mediterranean Economics and Finance Review, 2008); “Banking crisis and default risk measurement: methods and case of cooperative banks in Argentina” (Economic Development, 1998), among others.



He is Director of the MBA and the Center for Studies in Business, Finance, Economics and Marketing (CENFEM) of the Business Graduate School at the University of Belgrano and Affiliate Professor at CENTRUM PUCP Business School.