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PhD. Katherina Kuschel

Professor / Researcher

Universidad Autónoma De Barcelona


Professor Kuschel holds a doctoral degree in Social Psychology and a M.S. Research in Social Psychology from Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Universidad del Desarrollo in Santiago, Chile. Dr. Kuschel has completed a Business Mentor Certificate and several continuing education courses, such as Innovation Management for the Mining Industry and Innovating Solutions for Aging Populations.



Professor Katherina Kuschel has been a Visiting Researcher at Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana in Santiago de Chile, and Universität Siegen, Germany. She was postdoctoral fellow at Lazaridis Business School from the Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada, and Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile. In addition, Dr. Kuschel has been a business mentor for Mentores de Impacto in Chile, and the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, United Kingdom.

She explores the experience of Latin American women entrepreneurs in regional innovation ecosystems, how they get motivated to start up a business, the team building, fundraising, and their network participation.

Dr. Kuschel is the ad-hoc reviewer for several international journals, and she co-edited a special issue for the International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal on Women Entrepreneurs in STEM. Prof. Kuschel is an active member in the following academic associations: European Academy of Management (EURAM), Academy of Management (AOM), Iberoamerican Academy of Management (IAoM), y Work and Family Researchers Network (WFRN).



  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation



Dr. Kuschel has published several peer-reviewed papers in international journals, such as:

  • Kuschel, K., Ettl, K., Díaz-García, M. C., & Alsos, G. (2020). Stemming the gender gap in STEM entrepreneurship – insights into women’s entrepreneurship in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, 16(1), 1-15.
  • Kuschel, K. (2019). Women founders in the technology industry: The startup-relatedness of the decision to become a mother. Administrative Sciences, 9(2), 30.
  • Kuschel, K., & Salvaj, E. (2018). Opening the “Black Box”. Factors affecting women’s journey to top management positions: A framework applied to Chile. Administrative Sciences, 8(4), 63.
  • Sousa, C., Kuschel, K., Brito, A., & Gonçalves, G. (2018). Work-Oriented Men and Women: Similar Levels of Work-Family Conflict and Guilt yet Different Coping Strategies. Psychological Thought, 11(2), 195-211.
  • Kuschel, K., Lepeley, M. T., Espinosa, F., & Gutiérrez, S. (2017). Funding Challenges of Latin American Women Start-up Founders in the Technology Industry. Cross Cultural & Strategic Management, 24(2), 310-331.
  • Kuschel, K. (2017). The work-family field: gaps and missing links as opportunities for future research. INNOVAR-Revista de Ciencias Administrativas y Sociales, 27(66), 57-74.
  • Kuschel, K., & Lepeley, M. T. (2016). Copreneurial Women in start-ups: Growth-oriented or lifestyle? An aid for technology industry investors. Academia Revista Latinoamericana de Administración, 29(2), 1-19.
  • Kuschel, K., & Lepeley, M. T. (2016). Women start-ups in technology: literature review and research agenda to improve participation. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, 27(2/3), 333-346.

She has also co-authored the following book chapters:

  • Kuschel, K, & Méndez, M. (forthcoming). Creating shared value and social innovation: Cases of success from South American entrepreneurial ventures. In: Mine M. Afacan Findikli and Duygu Acar Erdur (eds.) Creating Social Value Through Social Entrepreneurship. IGI Global.
  • Salvaj, E., & Kuschel, K. (2020). Opening the ‘black box’. Factors affecting women’s journey to senior management positions. A literature review. The New Ideal Worker: Organizations between Work-Life Balance, Women and Leadership (pp. 203-222). Cham: Springer International Publishing.
  • Ruiz-Martínez, R., Kuschel, K., & Pastor, I. (2020). Entrepreneurship as therapy. A metaphor among necessity-driven women seeking wellbeing by doing and connecting in Chile. The Wellbeing of Women in Entrepreneurship: A Global Perspective (pp. 130-146). London: Routledge.
  • Kuschel, K., Lepeley, M. T., Quiroz, C., & Labra, J. P. (2020). Women in entrepreneurship from failure to wellbeing: Paradox or paradigm? A case study in Chile. The Wellbeing of Women in Entrepreneurship: A Global Perspective (pp. 113-129). London: Routledge.
  • Kuschel, K. (2020). Women in high-growth entrepreneurship and Chile’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. The Wellbeing of Women in Entrepreneurship: A Global Perspective (pp. 147-164). London: Routledge.
  • Kuschel, K., Labra, J. P., & Diaz, G. (2018). Women-led startups and their contribution to job creation. Technology Entrepreneurship – Insights in New Technology-Based Firms, Research Spin-Offs and Corporate Environments (pp. 139-156). Cham: Springer International Publishing.
  • Kuschel, K., & Labra, J. P. (2017). Developing Entrepreneurial Identity among Start-ups’ Female Founders in High-Tech: Policy Implications from the Chilean Case. A Research Agenda for Women and Entrepreneurship: Identity Through Aspirations, Behaviors, and Confidence (pp. 27-44). Boston: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Dra. Kuschel has co-edited the following book:

  • Lepeley, MT., Kuschel, K., Beutell, N., Pow, N., & Eijdenberg, E.L. (2020). The Wellbeing of Women in Entrepreneurship. A Global Perspective. London: Routledge.



She currently is a Professor and Researcher at CENTRUM PUCP Business School. She is also an ad-hoc reviewer for several international academic journals and conferences. She leads a research group on work-life issues among entrepreneurs. She is a Profesor at the Universidad de Concepción, Chile.



  • Ambassador for Qaytu association of artisans of traditional alpaca handmade textile in the Cusco region, Peru. UNESCO seal of excellence, 2019.
  • 2019 Travel Award, funded by the journal Administrative Sciences.
  • 2013, 2014, 2015: Awarded as top-10 lecturers of the School of Economics and Business, Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile.