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D. Eng. Jorge Daly

Professor / Researcher

American University Washington D.C


Professor Daly is Doctor in Political Economy, American University Washington D.C. MBA in Finance from the State University of New York and Bachelor of Business Administration from the Universidad de Lima.


Regarding his professional experience, he has been an adjunct professor at George Washington University and The American University, both in Washington DC. He has taught several related political economy at the undergraduate and graduate courses. Over the past 25 years, he was an international consultant and specialized in design, implementation and advice to economic development projects, with emphasis on the following areas: banking for the poor (micro finance) and small business banking regulation and supervision, business climate, trade reforms, financial reforms, competitiveness, project evaluation and anti-corruption. He has provided advisory services in no less than 70 countries – all of Latin America except Cuba, Central Europe, the Balkans, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Similarly he has extensive experience in international conferences, in which he has been keynote speaker. Daly has the unique ability to present, simply, highly complex economic issues to various audiences – politicians, government officials, bankers, business leaders, union leaders, diplomats, and community organizations. His research interests include international finance crisis, ethics, international finance and corruption.


Regarding his intellectual production, he has published the book “The Political Economy of Devaluation: The Case of Peru 1975 – 1978” (Westview Press, 1983). He has written numerous technical reports submitted to international economic development agencies and articles published in the Wall Street Journal,United States, Spain (daily El País), Peru (El Comercio) and Chile (Bulletin the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago). He is the author of specialized bulletins on the Peruvian economy for the magazineThe Economist of London.


He is currently Professor and Researcher in the Academic Area of Finance, Accounting and Economics at CENTRUM Catolica Graduate Business School.