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Dr. Jaime Rivera

Professor / Researcher

Universidad Pontificia de Comillas


Professor Rivera is Doctor in Psychology, Universidad Pontificia de Comillas-Spain. Doctor in Economics Applied Sciences, Universite Catholique de Louvain-Belgium. MBA in Management, Universite Catholique de Louvain-Belgium. Master in Business Administration, School of Business Administration graduate, ESAN.



Regarding his professional experience, he is Professor of Marketing at the Carlos III University of Madrid. Director of International Research Circle on Marketing and Business Competitiveness (MarketinGroup) developing projects expertises brand for European higher courts, in areas of confusion, unfair competition and trademark dilution. Visiting professor of ESAN in Peru, EDAN in Paraguay, Uruguay and UCUDAL in CEFE in Ecuador. He has designed and directed training programs for executives, Teachers in Marketing and Consulting SMEs covered in the following countries: Belgium, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay. His research is oriented to formulation and implementation of competitive market strategies. He has experience in consulting and training for executives from different multinational companies (Rank-XEROX-Belgium, IBM-New York, Carvajal of the Americas, Cervecería Paraguaya) as well as teaching at ESIC-Spain, EDAN Paraguay, UCUDAL-Uruguay, broadcast into Ecuador, ASU-Arizona-USA-Colombia Externado University and EGADE-ITESM-Mexico.



  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Consumer behavior



Author and co-author of articles published in academic journals, such as:

  • Rivera, J. (2019). An integral model for the implementation of environmental policy strategy. Business Strategy and the Environment, 28(5), 1-12.
  • Quispe, J., & Rivera, J. (2018). Estrategias competitivas y gestión deportiva: Una perspectiva de la teoría basada en recursos aplicados al sector del fútbol. Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Science, 23(44), 29-59.
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  • Rivera, J. (2010). Market orientation at universities. Construct and exploratory validation. Revista Innovar Journal, 20(36), 125-138.

He is author and co-author of books on various topics:

  • Rivera, J. (2017). Marketing internacional (pp. 848). Lima: Pearson Educación del Perú.
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He is currently a Professor at CENTRUM PUCP Business School.