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PhD. Gustavo Ruiz

Professor / Researcher

Yale University


Professor Ruiz, is Ph. D. in Organizational Ecology, Yale University, USA. UU. M. Phil. Yale University. M.Sc. Social Ecology, Yale University. M. Sc., Conservation of Forest Resources, National Agrarian University, Peru. Forest Engineer, Universidad Nacional Agraria, Peru.



Regarding his professional experience, he has over 40 years experience in government and private organizations nationally and internationally. His areas of expertise integrate his training and experience in natural sciences, with the areas of sociology, anthropology and organizational management, applied to planning, implementation and evaluation of strategies, programs and projects for conservation and sustainable development.

He has been a consultant for the European Union, the German Technical Cooperation, Technical Cooperation of the Government of Finland and the United Nations, he has also served as Consultant to the Fund for Protected Natural Areas of Peru (PROFONANPE) and the National Institute of Natural Resources . He is an international lecturer having given courses and lectures in over twenty countries in America, Europe and Oceania.



In connection with its intellectual production, he is the author of books and book chapters, among which we can mention:

  • Ruiz, G. (2016). Fundamentos de una estrategia de sustentabilidad para el Perú. Estrategias para el desarrollo económico y social del Perú (pp. 124-129). Lima: Planeta/CENTRUM Católica.
  • Ruiz, G. (2013). Medio ambiente y sostenibilidad. In Marquina, P. (Ed.), Responsabilidad social: Tarea pendiente (pp. 117-139). Lima: Pearson.
  • Marquina, P., Garriga, E., Sánchez, S., Cordero, C., García, M., Ruiz, G., Purizaca, J. C., Castro, R., Arroyo, J., Arellano, R., Velásquez, I., Márquez, P., Reficco, E. A., & Vallaeys, F. (2013). In P. Marquina (Ed.), Responsabilidad social: Tarea pendiente (pp. 426). Lima: Pearson.
  • Ruiz, G. (2010). Fundamentos para una sociedad sostenible. In G. Alarco (Ed.), Rutas hacia un Perú mejor. Qué hacer y cómo lograrlo (pp. 71-100). Lima: Aguilar/Grupo Santillana.
  • Alarco, G., Avolio, B. E., C., B., Cárdenas, J., Chang, L., D’Alessio, F., Duarte, O., Espinoza, J. A., Figueroa, A., Goñi, N., Guevara, R., Marquina, P., Rodriguez, R., Rozenberg, A., Ruiz, G., S., S., Torres, J., Tveteras, S., Zegarra, L. F., & Zúñiga, T. (2010). In G. Alarco (Ed.), Rutas hacia un Perú mejor. Qué hacer y cómo lograrlo. Lima: Aguilar/Grupo Santillana.
  • Ruiz, G. (2009). Visión social y ecológica de la crisis financiera internacional. In G. Alarco (Ed.), Análisis y perspectivas de la crisis económica mundial en el Perú (pp. 81-112). Lima: Editorial Norma.
  • Ruiz, G. (2008). Saber, querer, poder. Lima: Horizonte.

Also, he is author and co-author of more than twenty journals on ecological, social and organizational aspects; among others.



He is currently Professor and Researcher at CENTRUM PUCP Business School.



  • Award for full time faculty academic excellence in Master’s Programs, CENTRUM PUCP Business School, 2018.