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Dr. Francisco Coronado

Professor / Researcher

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Professor Coronado holds a Doctorate and a Master of Science in Civil Engineering, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. He has also pursued postgraduate studies at Politecnico of Milan, Italy. Professor Coronado has undergraduate degrees in Industrial Engineer from Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, Peru, and in Agricultural Engineering from Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina, Peru.



Professor Coronado has vast experience in teaching, research, project management and implementation in several sectors, such as hydraulics, irrigation, roads, bridges, and agriculture. He has been a Professor at Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, Head of Postgraduate Studies, Director of the Research Institute, and Dean of the Civil Engineering department. He has conducted several research studies at the National Laboratory of hydraulics where he was Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors. He has been Hydraulic engineer at Chira-Piura project, Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture, Deputy Executive Director of the Olmos Project, Executive Director of the Global Line, CEO of the National Program for Small and Medium-sized irrigations (coast, highlands, and jungle); he was the creator and organizer of this program and managed the contributions of IDB, KFW, and AID. He was also Vice Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture. Manager at AGUA Y AGRO ASESORES ASOCIADOS S.A.C. Consulting company. Professor Coronado has been a member of the Peruvian Engineers Association committee; Director of the Association of Agronomists, APIA; Member of the board of directors of the Agrarian Bank of Peru, President of the Association of Agricultural Engineers of Peru; President of the Association of Engineers of Peru, President of the Association of Residential Owners in La Molina, National Secretary of the SODE Government Plan. He received the Carlo Semenza scholarship in Italy and the A.I.D. scholarship to study in the USA. He also received the Order of Agricultural Merit by the Peruvian Government (Grand Officer) in May 1980.



Professor Coronado has published several peer-reviewed and indexed papers in Web of Science and other databases:

  • Coronado, F. (in press). The concentration of people and investments in the capital of a country of Latin America. Case of Lima, Peru. To appear in World Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development.
  • Coronado, F. (2018). Measuring the sustainability of Latin American capital cities. World Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management, and Sustainable Development.
  • Coronado, F. (2017). Water management in Peru. European International Journal of Science and Technology, 6(9), 27-40.
  • Coronado, F., Vincent, C., & Dwyer, R. (2017). Measuring regional competitiveness through agricultural indices of productivity: The Peruvian case. World Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management, and Sustainable Development, 13(2), 78-95.

Professor Coronado has written several books, such as: “Las Irrigaciones, Planteamiento y Guía para el Diseño Hidráulico de las Obras Mayores” (Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, 2014), “El Desarenador (Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, 2004)” entre otros.



He currently is a Professor and Researcher at CENTRUM PUCP Business School.