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PhD (c) Franc Ponti


EADA Business School Barcelona


Phd. (C) in Knowledge Society, University of Catalonia, Spain. Master in Knowledge Society, University of Catalonia, Spain.



He has written the books “Passion for innovation: idea to results” (Doubleday, 2006); “Your growth defines what your worth: proposals on personal growth” (Doubleday, 2005); “Broadening the cake: three cases on the dynamics of the negotiations” (Doubleday, 2004); “We are not resources, we are human! : A conversation about how people improve organizations “(Doubleday, 2004); “What does Buddha in my company? : Buddhist wisdom in today’s organizations “(Doubleday, 2003); “The paths of negotiation: people, strategies and techniques” (Doubleday, 2002); “The creative company methodologies for the development of innovation in organizations”; “IDEART: a new creative methodology at the service of innovation” in: Paul H. Jayachandran, C. (Eds.) Strategies for sustainable globalization: regional business demands and global opportunities (ICFAI University Press, 2005) Replies ; “NYIQUI-URC: Role-Play” In: Boada, J. (Eds.) Human Capital: 52 case studies: practical manual assumptions about human resources and organizational processes (Doubleday, 2002). He has written the articles “The ‘sponge’ organization: A creativity-based reflection on the innovative and sustainable firm” (CBS-Center for Business in Society, 2006); “Emotional intelligence: the moment of truth: what Spanish executives think about the revolution in intelligence proposed by Goleman” (Human Capital, 2004).



He is Professor and Researcher at the Academic Area of Human Resources EADA. He has been a consultant at the Universidad Abierta de Catalunya; Director of the Alumni Association Dpt.; Visiting Professor at AIT Bangkok and BARNA.