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Dra. Fabiola 

Professor / Researcher

Universidad Complutense de Madrid


Professor Fabiola Morales holds a Doctorate in Information Sciences (Communication) from Complutense University of Madrid, Spain, a Master’s degree in Organizational Governance from University of Piura, Peru, PAD-Escuela de Alta Dirección, University of Piura, Peru, and an undergraduate degree in Information Sciences (Communication) from University of Piura. She also holds two bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Education from University of Piura, Peru.



Professor Fabiola Morales have worked as a Full professor at University of Piura. Director at PAD-Escuela de Alta Dirección at University of Piura. Director of Corporate Communications and Director of Organizational Culture and Social Entrepreneurship at PAD-Escuela de Alta Dirección at University of Piura. She has also been the Director of Studies, Research and Outreach at the School of Communications, University of Piura.  Professor Morales has been elected twice as a member of the parliament to represent Piura. She has been Vice President of the Peruvian Congress during two terms, President of Ethics Commissions, Environment and Ecology, Local and Regional Governments, Social Development, among others, in the Peruvian Congress, Vice President of the Latin American Parliament, and she has been Member of the board of directors of several public enterprises. Professor Morales is the author and editor of specialized books. She writes columns in newspapers and magazines.



She currently is the Head of the Axiology, Social Responsibility, Health, Governance and Law department and Professor and Researcher at the Strategy, Leadership and Management department at CENTRUM PUCP Business School.