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Dra. Esther García


Universidad de Málaga


Professor García holds a Doctorate in Business Administration and Management from University of Malaga, Spain, and a B.A. Honors degree in Business Administration from University of Northumbria, England. She also holds a Diploma in Business Studies from University of Malaga.



Professor García has been the Director of the International PhD Program between Universidad Autónoma Tamaulipas, Mexico, and Universidad de Burgos, Spain, Director of the School of Management at the Technological University of Peru, Head of the Department of European Projects, RAAR, Spain, and Head of Administration at several Spanish companies. She has been a professor of undergraduate, graduate and specialized programs in several universities, such as Universidad Autónoma in Mexico and University of Malaga in Spain, among others, as well as Thesis Adviser and Jury for master’s and doctoral degrees. She has also worked as a consultant for several governmental agencies in Spain and Mexico, among others, and for private companies in various countries.



Professor García has written the book: “Calidad en la Universidad: Un Caso de Benchmarking Internacional” (University of Malaga, 2004). She has also written the following papers: “Influencia de los factores de implementación de los sistemas de información para la satisfacción del usuario”” (Journal of Information Systems and Technology, 2009); “Influencia de las prácticas de liderazgo en las Finanzas y toma de decisiones de las Pymes” (Investigación Administrativa, 2008); “La empresa familiar: Relación de la Cultura Organizacional con su continuidad” (Ciencia UAT, 2006).

She has attended many workshops in several countries, such as Colombia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Venezuela, Spain, Greece, England, United States, etc. and has participated in several international projects. Since 2003, she belongs to the research group called Technological Innovation and Quality of the Board of Andalusia in Spain.



She currently is a Professor at the Strategy, Leadership and Management department at CENTRUM PUCP Business School.



  • Promep Research Profile in Mexico.
  • Award for Academic Excellence, Part-time Faculty, CENTRUM PUCP, 2012.
  • Award for Academic Excellence, Part-time Faculty, CENTRUM PUCP, 2013.
  • Award for Academic Excellence, Part-time Faculty, CENTRUM PUCP, 2014.
  • Award for Academic Excellence, Part-time Faculty, CENTRUM PUCP, 2016.
  • Award for teaching excellence, CENTRUM PUCP, 2018.