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Dr. Daniel Salas

Professor / Researcher

University of Colorado


Professor Salas is Doctor of Philosophy in Spanish, University of Colorado. Master of Arts in Spanish, University of Colorado. Bachelor of Language and Literature, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru.



Since 1990 he has been a professor in different Peruvian institutions such as the Peruvian Institute of Advertising, theUniversidad Catolica and the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia. He has also been teaching assistant at the University of Colorado at Boulder and visiting professor at Colby College. He has published scholarly articles in Hispanic Journal and Fifteenth Century Studies. It has also reviews published in the Journal of Moral Education, Colorado Review of Hispanic Studies and Dissidences, Hispanic Journal of Theory and Criticism, magazine latter in which he was also editor reviews. He has twice received the scholarship dissertation Tomas E. Devaney.

He is an advisor to the Peruvian Literary Network and has given lectures and workshops in Lima on medieval poetry, Renaissance historiography and fictions of Jorge Luis Borges.



He is currently Researcher and Professor of the Center for Leadership Studies, Innovation and Strategy (CELIE) responsible for conducting studies and managerial leadership attributes in the business community of the country; He is also Professor in the Academic Area Integration in CENTRUM PUCP Business School.



Intellectual Production Award 2011