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PhD. César Sepúlveda


Tulane university


Ph.D. in Finance, Tulane University, USA. Master in Management, Tulane University, USA. Master of Business Administration, University of Notre Dame, Germany.



He has taught courses in the areas of marketing, market research, marketing strategies, planning and control of marketing, sales management, advertising management, seminar marketing, marketing services and consumer analysis. He has taught courses in Germany, Belgium, France, United States, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Honduras and Venezuela. He has worked as a consultant in different companies, some of which are: Banorte, Bancomer, Bital, Berel, Liverpool, Vitro, Cuauhtemoc-Moctezuma Brewery, Cigar La Moderna, Editorial Northwest, Essences and Concentrates, Constructora Sada-Rangel, Nassar Electronics, Fotoluz Commercial Draws Tec and Swift in Panama City.



He has several publications and articles, among which are: Trevino, S., Sepulveda, C. & Tenorio, R. On Consumer’s Ecological sensitiveness On Batteries For Electronic Products (conferencia Enviromental Management for Sustainable Universities, 2004). Sepúlveda, C. J. Relationship of Organizational Citizenship Behaviors and Customer Orientation to Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction (unpublished dissertation, 2001). Roberts, J., Sepúlveda C. Money Attitudes and Compulsive Buying: An Exploratory Investigation of the Emerging Consumer Culture in Mexico (Journal of International Consumer Marketing, 1999). Sepúlveda, C., Castaño, R., & Martínez, A Consumer’s Alert (unpublished paper, 1998). Sepulveda, C., Brown, R., & Martinez, J. Characteristics of media (unpublished paper, 1998). Sepulveda, C., Brown, R., & Martinez, J. Consumer Habits and buy Mexican Consumer Perishables (unpublished paper, 1998). Pfaff, J., Sordo, J., Schwarz, T., Trevino, S. Sepulveda, C. and C. Villarreal C Technology Transfer in Mexico: Past Patterns and New Problems Related to the North American Free Trade Agreement (The International Executive, 1993). Pfaff, J., Sepúleda, C., y Villarreal, C. Technology Licensing: Marketing of a Non-tangible Industrial Product in the LAIA and Proposed Northamerican FTA Countries, Is Mexico the Link?. Carranza, A., Castaño, R., Horita, S., Quintanilla, A. y Sepúlveda, C.Collaborative Work as a Learning Strategy Redesigned Courses in the area of administration and social sciences in the ITESM. Carranza, A., Brown, R., Horita, S., Quintanilla, A. Sepulveda, C. Impact on Student Learning with Collaborative Techniques against Individual Techniques.



His current areas of interest are related to service marketing, international marketing, brand management, sales management, consumer behavior, market research, marketing and banking.