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PhD. Carlos Mariño

Professor / Researcher

Mississippi State University


Professor Mariño holds a PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Mississippi State University, USA, a Master’s degree in Transportation & Logistics Management from the American Military University, USA, a Master of Science in Engineering Management from California State University, USA, a Master’s Degree in Administration with a major in Finance from Universidad del Pacífico, Peru, and an undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering from Universidad de Lima, Peru. He has pursued several courses at: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Data Science and Big Data Analytics, Harvard Extension School, Harvard University, Released Science Certification, Stanford Certified Project Manager, Stanford University, USA, Graduate Certificate Theoretical Statistics, California State University, USA.



Professor Mariño has worked in several American companies: as General Manager at MFC Project Engineers (4PL), California, USA., Regional Manager at Indigo Piping Systems (3PL), California, U.S.A., as  Operations Manager at Nestlé, Distribution Manager at Embotelladora Latin America S.A., Commercial Manager at Él, General Manager at RED IDI (Research, Development and Innovation) in Peru. He has been a researcher at the Analytics & Optimization laboratory in the Department of Industrial Engineering at Mississippi State University, USA. He has also been an Instructor of the Department of Industrial Engineering at University of Central Florida, USA, a University Professor in the undergraduate and graduate programs in several universities. He is a Visiting Professor at University of La Sabana, Colombia, and a Business Consultant in Big Data Analytics, Supply Chain Management, and Operations Research.



  • Big data analytics, network, graphs, text analytics, streaming data, and machine learning applications.
  • Supply chain optimization with applications in renewable energy, stochastic programming.
  • Transportation and supply chain network optimization: network design and facility location problems.
  • Regression, statistical inference, and unsupervised learning techniques.
  • Advanced optimization with heuristics, meta-heuristics, discrete-event simulation, and decision analysis.



He is the author of the following papers:

  • Mariño, C., & Marufuzzaman, M. (2020). Unsupervised learning for deploying smart charging public infrastructure for electric vehicles in sprawling cities. Journal of Cleaner Production.
  • Mariño, C., & Marufuzzaman, M. (2020). A microgrid energy management system based on chance-constrained stochastic optimization and big data analytics. Computers & Industrial Engineering.
  • Mariño, C., Quddus, M. A., Marufuzzaman, M., Cowan, M., & Bednar, A. (2018). A chance-constrained two-stage stochastic programming model for reliable microgrid operations under power demand uncertainty. Sustainable Energy, Grids & Networks, 13, 66-77.
  • Mariño, C., Marufuzzaman, M., Hu, M., & Sarder, M. (2018). Developing a Two-stochastic Linear Programming model for CCHP Operation Decision under Uncertainty. Computers & Industrial Engineering, 115, 354-367.



He currently is the Research Director, Professor and Researcher at CENTRUM PUCP Business School.