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PhD. Ahmed Deif

Professor / Researcher

University Of Windsor


Professor Ahmed Deif holds a PhD and a Master of Science in Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering from University of Windsor, Canada. He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the American University in Egypt.



Professor Deif has been the Co-Director of the Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Competitiveness and Technology Management at Nile University. He has been Visiting Professor and Research Assistant at University of Windsor, and Assistant Professor at the Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Regina, where he was also an Adjunct Professor. Professor Deif has vast industrial experience ranging from the automobile industry where he worked at Chrysler Canada’s R&D center to the steel, electronics and assembly industries where he held several engineering and consulting positions. As a Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma expert, he has helped several industries to improve their productive performance and conducted various Lean and Six Sigma trainings in the U.S., Canada and Egypt over the past 15 years. Professor Deif has also been a consultant to the government in several vocational training and education working groups.



Professor Deif has been the author/coauthor of several papers published in peer-reviewed journals, such as:

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He has been the author/coauthor of the following book chapters:

  • Singh, J., Shani, A., Femal, H., & Deif, A. (2016). Packaging’s role in sustainability: Reusable plastic containers in the agricultural-food supply chains. In Cagliano, R., Caniato, F. , Worley, C. (Ed.), Organizing Supply Chain Processes for Sustainable Innovation in the Agri-Food Industry (vol. 5, pp. 175 – 204). Emerald Group Publishing Limited.
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  • Deif, A., & ElMaraghy, W. (2006). Dynamic capacity planning and modeling its complexity. Changeable and reconfigurable manufacturing systems (pp. 227-246). Springer London.



He currently is an Associate Professor at California Polytechnic State University and Affiliate Professor at CENTRUM PUCP Business School.