There are a variety of services and resources available to the students and graduates and all information shared with the staff is keep private.

Get in touch

To begin, we ask that alumni and students activate their centrumconnect.com account and generate their profile in all the employability platforms.  For centrumconnect.com, after they register, our staff will confirm the credentials and activate the account, same process for the https://laborum.pe/bolsadetrabajo/centrumpucp


All students received by email the Access to the employability platforms and information from the Career Centre Office. In addition, they can see the posts at the LinkedIn Showcase CENTRUM Alumni.

Resources & Services

Laborum CENTRUM PUCP is a digital tool (landing) to view job listings, post the resumes, and research employers. CENTRUM Connect is the digital platform that provides access to contacts, events, and more for the students and graduates.

All the students and graduates can schedule appointments for a variety of career topics, including review of the resume/CV, career advising, job searching, courses and resources for employability, networking and use of LinkedIn.

In addition, the students and alumni can attend workshops, career fairs, and more activities design for them monthly.  They can get the date calendar of upcoming events, at the Events section in the website http://centrum.pucp.edu.pe/en/graduados/actividades-centrum-alumni/ or at centrumconnect.com.

Schedule an Appointment

All appointments are available Monday-Friday between 9am-7pm, are schedule through email, phone call or WhatsApp, and can take place in person, via telephone, or over Skype or Hangout by Google. Before the interview, the CV will be request to give some tips to empower.

Resume & CV Review

At CENTRUM Career Centre, the students and alumni have the option of getting their resume or CV analyse through an in-person appointment or by email. Appointments can be schedule through email, phone call or WhatsApp; for reviews through emails, the student or alumni send an email to centrumalumni@pucp.edu.pe or colocaciones@pucp.edu.pe, and the resume will be examine and returned within four business days or less depending of time.

Workshops, courses, webinars and more

All on-campus workshops, courses, seminars, hosted by CENTRUM Alumni are open for the students and alumni to attend. Registration is required; they only need to check the calendar publish at the website, CENTRUM Connect or LinkedIn Showcase CENTRUM Alumni. Some examples of these activities are:

  • Updating courses: “New skills for Employment” and “Social Entrepreneurship Course”
  • Seminars and events for Personal Branding and employability
  • International Seminars. Masterclass Highered Talent