Leadership in Employability

CENTRUM Professional


We offer you the necessary contacts with the most complete job offers from companies and headhunters, who rely on us to find talent like yours.

As a regular student of our doctoral programs, MBA, Corporate Masters and PBA you will have access to the following services:

  • Access to the best job offers in the country through our weekly communications to your PUCP mail
  • Access to the PUCP Job Exchange to expand your professional contact opportunities.
  • We will inform you the job offers of the main headhunters in the market.

Activities developed by CENTRUM Professional:

  1. We hold in-person labor fairs in Lima, on the campus of CENTRUM Católica.
  2. We hold Labor Fairs in Regions, in the classrooms of our students.
  3. We hold on-line labor fairs for our students from Colombia and Peru.
  4. We organize the Labor Internships, we will visit with the students the leading companies to understand what they are looking for.
  5. We organize conCENTRUM Laboral, meeting points with the students of your promotion in order to know new job developments communicated by the same companies.
  6. During the year we conducted several Cycles of Professional Information Talks awarded by several leading companies in our campus to strengthen communication links with students regarding their professional career.


Were you selected in any of the hiring processes? Congratulations! Send us the following information to colocaciones@pucp.edu.pe

  • Your full name
  • Your program and promotion in CENTRUM Católica
  • Company or contracting headhunter
  • Your new job position
  • Approximate hiring date
  • Country and city where you work

We invite you, if you like, to give us your testimony through a short video in order to share your experience with other students of CENTRUM Católica.

Are not you receiving emails with job offers? It works out very quickly. Write to supportcentrum@pucp.edu.pe indicating your name and program, so we can solve it.


If you wish to participate in our labor fairs in Lima and Regions or at the On Line Fairs in Peru and Colombia, contact Vanessa Cuadros, our CENTRUM Professional Manager, at vcuadros@pucp.edu.pe.

So also if you are interested in participating in our Internships or Cycle of Professional Information Talks, also contact Vanessa Cuadros immediately to the email vcuadros@pucp.edu.pe.

Are you in search of the best professional talent for your company? We certainly have the right profile you need. To request the job position that your company needs, complete this form and send it to vcuadros@pucp.edu.pe. In case of choosing one of our students or graduated students, we would be grateful to send this data to the same email:

  • Full name of our student or graduate
  • Program and Promotion of CENTRUM Católica of the student or graduate
  • Position offered
  • Approximate hiring date


To access the job offers you must register in CENTRUM Connect to the following link https://centrumconnect.com/ If you have questions about this application you can contact with centrumalumni@pucp.edu.pe


Visit Us the CENTRUM Placement Office

Vanessa Cuadros
CENTRUM Profesional Coordinator


Telephone: (511) 626-7100