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We put you in touch with the most comprehensive supply of jobs through companies and headhunters, who trust us to find talent like yours.

You can access the offerings of the CENTRUM Católica Placement Office if you are a regular student or graduate of a DBM, MBA, Master’s or PBA programs. These are our services:

  • We send to your PUCP email job offers from our database, which includes the most recognized private and public entities in and outside the country.
  • We share the job offers of the most important headhunters.
  • We organize face-to-face job fairs in Lima and the different regions of Peru.
  • We organize virtual job fairs in Peru and Colombia.


Were you selected in any of the recruitment processes? Congratulations! Send us the following information to colocaciones@pucp.edu.pe:

  • Your complete name
  • Your CENTRUM Católica program
  • Company or headhunter that contracted you.
  • Your new job position.
  • Approximate date you were contracted.
  • Location of your business.

Are you not receiving emails with job offers? Don’t worry. Write us at soportecentrum@pucp.edu.pe with your name and your program to immediately solve the problem.


If you want to participate in our face-to-face job fairs in Lima and provinces, get in touch with us: gvalencias@pucp.edu.pe

Are you looking for the best professional talent for your company? We have it. If you want to publish your need, complete this form and send it to colocaciones@pucp.edu.pe. If you choose one of our students or alumni (graduates), we would appreciate your sending this data to the same email address:

  • Complete name of our student or graduate
  • CENTRUM program of the student or graduate.
  • Job position offered.
  • Approximate date of the contract.


The job offers will reach through CENTRUM Connect.


Visit Us at CENTRUM Católica Placement Office

Giuliana Valencia

Coordinator, CENTRUM Job Placements Office


Telephone: (511) 626–7100 extension 7092