In CENTRUM Católica, we have specialized areas to ensure excellence in your management training. Each component of our structure supports the generation of knowledge in academic, business and digital, with sights set on continuous improvement.


CENTRUM Cathedra

It consists of our entire academic office, i.e., the professors who are in charge of the proper development of our programs. We have distinguished professors who are internationally renowned for their scholarship, their extensive managerial experience and their excellent personal formation.

CENTRUM Research

We want to become a Latin American leader in knowledge generation. We promote and disclose the academic production of the faculty of CENTRUM Católica in economics, finance, operations, competitiveness, markets, trade and investment. We are integrated into world-class research networks around the world and we work in partnerships with prestigious business schools.


CENTRUM Future is designed to understand , anticipate and help build the future that we long for our local , national and Latin American community. In that sense we seek to be a platform that embraces and promotes discussion of all the relevant topics that corporate management can offer alternative solutions to the challenges and collective problems we face.

CENTRUM Enterprises

We are constantly working to provide executive education programs that are high in quality and with the rigor that you require to enhance your skills. Our team provides the consultants required and to respond to the needs of the companies that seek to enhance their human resources.

CENTRUM Mundo Online

CENTRUM Mundo Online has the fundamental task of generating disruptive programs and leading the process of modernization of online programs

CENTRUM Corporate

Our aim is to strengthen the connections and synergies between CENTRUM Católica and the business world, as well as to strategically manage CENTRUM Professional, the school’s job board, and to develop a meaningful and permanent relationship with our students and alumni.