In CENTRUM PUCP we believe in social responsibility and sustainability as two pillars through which organizations and companies can be more solid, generate value, have a long life and have a positive impact on society.

Since our origins, we have marked our identity through the ethical principles and values of the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. Our academic formulation is based on the integral, ethical and sustainable formation of the leader, through a quality management education. Therefore, we seek to make our strategic activities sustainable over time and generate a positive impact on our society.

Social responsibility is part of our strategic actions to build a better country, with equal opportunities, in which research and excellence are encouraged. Likewise, we consider and involve all our stakeholders within our proposals for continuous improvement and according to the standards of our accreditors and certifications.

In addition, CENTRUM PUCP is a pioneer in the implementation of social activities that positively impact our community, because our contribution transcends borders and has to do over time through our training work, educational and solidarity actions with various audiences, but especially contributing to educational improvements of micro Peruvian entrepreneurs.



CENTRUM PUCP is performing exceptionally well in several areas related to sustainability:

  • International recognition. CENTRUP PUCP enjoys excellent international recognition and meets the high international educational standards, which allows us to have four international accreditations: AMBA, AACSB, EQUIS and BGA. In addition, we have been awarded the 5 Palms of Educational Excellence by Eduniversal.
  • Ethical commitment. Our goal, and the commitment we assume to achieve it, is consistent with our main responsibility: “to make each student the best professional”. This is embodied in our integrated management policy, the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) and the Code of Ethics. Likewise, we are concerned with developing the SDG in our educational proposal.
  • Recognition in sustainability issues. We developed an integrated management policy, which includes the continuous improvement of our environmental management system, within the framework of the international certification ISO 14001:2015. On the other hand, we respond to the ISO 26000:2010 Social Responsibility Guide. We are the only business school in Peru that has such mention, under which our academic activities and administrative processes are developed according to good practices of social responsibility that harmonize with our community and stakeholders.
  • Business reputation. We are one of the best-considered institutions in the country in Merco’s Business Reputation Ranking. This measurement highlights those companies that represent values and principles, which are clear and recognizable by the environment.
  • Social contribution. Through the programs that we have with all of our stakeholders: community, students, teachers, administrators, suppliers, the PUCP, and others.



Our proposal of sustainability is developed in several dimensions, which are transversal in CENTRUM PUCP. It is based on the following key processes and operations:

  • Process from student admission to become alumni. Through clear, standardized processes, applying ethical principles.
  • Services for national and international students and co-curricular activities. An educational proposal that extends to all the regions in which we operate in the interior of the country, at a virtual level and in all the activities that are promoted for our students through co-curricular activities that complement their education.
  • Curricular design. The programs of CENTRUM PUCP contain formative themes linked to sustainability, responsibility, ethics, responsible social behavior, as well as the human development of the future business leader. All this is embodied in its educational proposal based on competences: ILO and PLOs.
  • Recruitment and training of administrators and faculty members. CENTRUM PUCP encourages and promotes continuous education and training of all employees and members of its faculty.
  • Research and development. A continuous process both at the level of educational offer, as well as part of the research process developed among students and faculty members of the faculty.
  • Responsible consumption. This is promoted in all areas of management, as well as in the academic field.



Our ecosystem considers the following stakeholders: