Internationalization Strategy


CENTRUM PUCP is performing outstandingly in terms of internationality across a wide range of areas:

  • International positioning. CENTRUP PUCP enjoys of outstanding international credibility and meets high internationally accepted educational standards since we count with the tripled crown accreditations from AMBA, AACSB, and EQUIS, and we are currently in the process of being accredited by BGA. CENTRUM PUCP occupies a leading position as a business school in Peru and Latin America, having been awarded the 5 Palms of Educational Excellence by Eduniversal. Many MBA, master and executive education programmes are ranked number 1 in Peru, within the top 5 in Latin America, or the top 100 worldwide, according to the Financial Times and Eduniversal among other international rankings. For instance, MBA Latam and QS Global MB Rankings place CENTRUM PUCP in the highest positions in the region. Moreover, according to Eduniversal, CENTRUM PUCP is the Peruvian business school with the most international influence.
  • International Academic Agreements. Thanks to international partnerships with foreign universities and business schools, CENTRUM PUCP offers:
    • International Academic Programmes that award simultaneous or consecutive double degrees and/or certificates;
    • Student Exchanges that give local students the chance of studying abroad a whole semester or module at one of our partner’s campus, and students of our partner schools the option of attending classes for a similar period atCENTRUM PUCP’s campus;
    • International Stages which consist in two-week academic trips overseas that are mandatory components of CENTRUM PUCP’s international masters and executive education programmes;
    • Global Business Experiences, which are experienced-based trips overseas, for business professionals and offered optionally to CENTRUM PUCP’s students, to participate in a short programme with lectures and workshops at a partner’s school and visits to a business company abroad.
    • Global Business in Peru. These tailor-made programmes consist in visits from partner school’s students to receive lectures and guidance from a CENTRUM PUCP’s professor, sometimes together with a home school professor, and visit local business companies, public service institutions, and/or communities, to have an immersion experience in Peruvian business and culture.
  • International Faculty. Nearly half of CENTRUM PUCP’s professors are foreign, representing all the continents, and all Peruvian faculty members are bilingual in English-Spanish or French-Spanish, and a significant proportion have graduate studies completed overseas. This ensures that our students receive culturally diverse insights on a wide variety of business management topics, not only as part of their lessons but also through thesis advice. Moreover, CENTRUM PUCP faculty receive international trainings and participate in international conferences, seminars, roundtables, and workshops.
  • Internationalisation of Research and Development. CENTRUM PUCP is committed to promote the production of research at an international level. Joint research conducted with foreign affiliated professors, international partner-schoolfaculty and foreign investigators has grown considerably as well as peer reviewed articles published in indexed journals and books edited by international publishing houses. In addition, prominent academicians visit the school regularly to share updated research methodologies with core faculty.
  • International Curricula. CENTRUM PUCP’s curricula emphasize an education with a solid international dimension. All our graduate programmes include courses on international business topics such as trading in Europe, Latin America and/or Asia; international finance, marketing and entrepreneurship; global corporate strategy and international supply chain, among others. Furthermore, curricula incorporate an understanding of different management styles and practices from diverse regions and cultures, including the analysis of international case studies. Moreover, all international master programmes have compulsory international stages, where they interact with foreign students and professors, share culturally diverse insights, and understand different approaches to business management issues. This content contributes to develop a global mindset in our students and excel their managerial skills to lead effectively in multicultural settings.
  • International Activities. CENTRUM PUCP develops a variety of activities to enhance students’ international experiences and intercultural competencies, such as the International Week, seminars, workshops, and other events, with international experts, speakers and participants, expanding the scope of debate on global and regional business insights, experiences, and trends.
  • International Memberships. The school is member of many important international organisations, which constitute a network that not only provides alumni job opportunities overseas or in multinational companies, but also supports and enhances the internationalisation of our organisational processes.
  • Governance. CENTRUM PUCP has an International Advisory Board in order to infuse its institutional direction diverse cultural perspectives.