Internationalization Strategy


Every school pursues different strategic objectives in the area of internationalisation, according to their own realities and institutional plans. Notwithstanding the undeniable force of globalisation, every school is subject to specific local, national and regional contexts as well as influences, which determine the unique approach that each school chooses when designing its internationalisation strategy. CENTRUM PUCP is a school located in Peru and with operations performed in the Peruvian national market. In this sense, our internationalisation approach consists in providing our students an education with international content and perspectives, on the basis of cutting-edge international curricula, foreign faculty and local professors with studies completed abroad and/or international business experience, academic international stages and exchanges, inclusion of international students in the classroom, and various on-campus international activities and events, all of which involve sharing culturally different perspectives on business management.

In this way, CENTRUM PUCP ensures that its students have an international learning experience that not only expands their knowledge on international business topics but also develops in them the competencies required for leading successfully in today’s globalised and culturally diverse business world. Therefore, our aspiration is to introduce a culture of internationalisation whilst embracing our own national culture, consequently offering a unique international business educational model that poses our school as a top choice in our country and the region, for students, faculty, and researchers.

CENTRUM PUCP’s vision and strategic objectives on internationalisation:


To be the best graduate business school in Peru and Latin America in developing in business professionals the managerial competencies that enable them to lead successfully in multicultural contexts and the globalised world.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Increase the number, geographical diversity, and scope of benefits, of partnership agreements.
  2. Develop new international programmes.
  3. Enhance international content in curricula.
  4. Increase the number of foreign faculty and expand international exposure of local
  5. Increase the number of foreign students in graduate programmes.
  6. Expand the number of students who participate in international stages and diversify geographic destinations.
  7. Expand and improve the production of research work at an international level.

In accordance with the notion that internationalisation is a transversal axis that underpins key organisational processes, the Strategic Plan for Internationalisation (attached as an Appendix) is intended to guide internationalisation activity for the entire CENTRUM PUCP community and therefore builds directly upon the broader goals and objectives of CENTRUM PUCP institutional Strategic Plan.