Degree Program

For Graduate Students at CENTRUM Catholic Graduate Business School

The Academic Direction of CENTRUM Catholic Graduate Business School (CCGBS), through the Office of Integration Tesis / TAF, presents the 2017-II Degree Program to qualify for a Master’s Degree in Strategic Business Administration.


That students who have completed their studies, but who have not completed their Thesis Final Research Paper, have an alternative to opt for the Master’s Degree in Strategic Business Administration.


This program is aimed at students who have completed their curriculum, and for reasons of force majeure have not completed the Final Research Work – Thesis in the regular schedule of their Master’s Program.


Elaboration of a Business Case * in one of the following Academic Areas (AA):

  • AA 1 – Strategy, Leadership, and Management
  • AA 2 – Finance, Business Economics, and Accounting
  • AA 3 – Marketing, Sales, and Entrepreneurship
  • AA 4 – Operations, Logistics, Supply Chains, and Technology
  • AA 5 – Social Responsibility and Sustainability

The Business Case shows a detailed explanation of a real business situation, describing the dilemma of the protagonist, who is a real person with a real job and who faces a real problem (Shapiro, 2008). Also, it can be defined as a description of a current situation that commonly involves a decision, challenge, opportunity, problem, or situation that is faced by a person in an organization (Leenders, Mauffette-Leenders, & Erskine, 2001 ).


  1. The deliverables can be published: the authorization of the legal representative of the organization and of the students is required, according to the  Guide to Write Cases.
  2. At the end, students will deliver at least: the case and the teaching note  (TN).
  3. Consider the criteria indicated in the  Guide for Writing Cases  and other guides that indicates the Thesis CoordinationDownload Guide
  4. The company must have more than 50 workers or invoice more than USD 10 million per year. If they are outstanding projects, they will be subject to evaluation.
  5. Conduct, at least, an interview with the company CEO.
  6. Perform a detailed analysis of the industry (s) in which the company participates.
  7. The approval of the organization will be carried out CENTRUM Cases, according to presentation of a document with the following information:
    1. Organization name’s
    2. No. RUC
    3. Annual Billing Amount (USD) -indicate source
    4. No. of Workers-indicate source
    5. Sector
    6. Relevance or what do you want to emphasize about the company through this case?



S / .2,900.00 (Two thousand nine hundred with 00/100 Nuevos Soles)

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Sonia Briceño Ortega
Thesis Coordination
Telephone: 6267100-7161
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