This Office is in charge of co-curricular activities which are a complement for our MBA’s programs in order to encourage to our students to achieve their training needs to develop better professional and personal skills.

The co-curricular activities complement our student´s professional training. Students can freely choose more than 50 hours of free workshops from our monthly offers in a wide variety of topics that strengthening the humanistic formation.

Our workshops are part of integrating activities where the student interacts with peers from other programs and from different professions, which enrich their experience. The participants could join to our activities in person or online through a methodology guided by practitioner, specialists in the field. All of our activities are classified in 3 broad categories:

  • Human Development Experiences
  • Cultural and Integrative Experiences
  • Experiences of Solidarity and Social Responsibility

Also as part of the Student Experience Office, individual counseling is also provided to students who request it.


Cocurricular Activities Office
626-7100 Ext: 7272 – 7276