Frequently Asked Questions



  • What is the difference between an International Corporate Master’s and an MBA?

    They are types of degree programs that will give profound knowledge of your specialty. However, in the MBA (Master of Business Administration) your professional experience, which enriches class discussions, is very important.

  • What difference is there between education executive and education for upper management?

    They are non-degree programs in which sound knowledge of business administration and management are taught. Those aimed at upper management are aimed at strengthening specific skills for this group.


  • What conditions must I meet to be admitted?

    You can review the requirements for each program in each of their sections of the website.


  • Can I pay for my program in cash up front?

    Yes you can; it is one of the alternatives for payment. Contact us to find out about the conditions and benefits.


  • Does CENTRUM Católica offer financing of programs?

    Yes, it does, depending on certain conditions. You can see the information here.

  • Does CENTRUM Católica grant scholarships?

    Yes, it does. You can see the information here.


  • What does the aptitude test consist of?

    It is a test to check your numerical, verbal and analytical skills. It is done in person at CENTRUM Católica campus or, under certain conditions, via the web.

  • Can you deliver the result of the aptitude test to me?

    We do not deliver the grades, which are part of a process. In the end, you will know if you are “Admitted” or “Not Admitted.”


  • Why must I sign financial and honor commitments to continue with the admission process?

    Because they are important to know the academic, economic and administrative conditions that CENTRUM Católica has with you in your status as a student.

  • I'm admitted! What is the next step?

    Congratulations! Contact your advisor to guide you in your enrollment process.

  • Can I regularize my documents after being admitted?

    Yes, you can. To do this, you must sign a commitment to deliver documents, which only applies in the case of photographs, work certificates, letters of recommendation and certified copy of the diploma of your degree (if not registered at SUNEDU).


  • Are the interviews in person?

    Yes they are, for programs that are offered in Lima. If your program is delivered in a province or abroad, or if you are a foreigner and want to study in CENTRUM Católica, the interview will be by telephone or Skype.


  • Do I have to know English in order to apply?

    You must know English:

    • At an advanced level for the MBA, full-time MIM and the Tricontinental Master in Business Management programs.
    • At an intermediate level for the CENTRUM-MSM DBA and MSM MBA programs.
    • At an intermediate level to graduate from the other programs.
  • Do I have to pass an English exam to apply to CENTRUM Católica?

    Yes. There is no requirement to have mastery of English to enroll, but you must show some level of English in order to graduate. Do not forget that you must take the test during the first 30 days after your enrollment in order to avoid delays at the time of graduation.

  • If I am a foreigner, do I have to pass the English exam?

    You must do so if you were born in a Spanish-speaking country. In that case, you’ll take the test during your week in Lima. You are excused if you were born in an English speaking country or you certify that you have worked or studied in an English speaking country.


  • Is there a specific format for the letter of recommendation?

    There is no specific format. In the letters, your contacts should indicate the skills that will help you move forward in the program.